Sixteen Freed!

The Roll of those Set Free from Captivity!

Todah, ABBA! (Thank you, Abba)

16) Most recently, Shema returned to his parents and the legalities – and the peace between the authorities and the family – are working out well. Pictured with him is his imma (mother) and little sister.

14 and 15), also last spring and summer….Both of these wonderful girls were already with us when officially declared to be back in their parents’ custody. First, Shifchat-Jah and her big sister (never in custody).

Next, Nechonah…

13) August 7, 2016 Merea daughter of Ohevi and Rachel returned home.

11-12) August 8, 2015…Chaninah and Ishah Schott set free by Judge Roser’s order!

2015_08_isha_u_chaninah-17See more pictures at “we were like those that dreamed.”

10) March 12, 2014….Set free from captivity by order of the court: Addar!


9) January 22, 2014….Released by the courts: Helez!


Helez is freed! Here is a picture of a happier time at Klosterzimmern before the Raid. He is home again!

7 and 8) December 4, 2013….Dabeqah and Besorah are freed!


Here they are at the Welcome Home Celebration.

6) December 4, 2013….Yedidiyah set free, too. Here he is sitting with Chayah (Chaim).


Here they are at the Celebration.

5) December 2, 2013….Zayith and Tikvah’s son, Hananyah, is home!


With shining eyes and happy hearts they receive their son!

4) December 2, 2013….Marc and Hannah’s baby boy, Gidon, is home!


The parents are so happy!

3) November 22, 2013….Eva Krumbacher is set free!

Here she is at her coming home celebration, sitting with her Abba. Eva was set free from captivity. (To us, Eva is Havah.) She is the Diary writer!

2) October 28, 2013….Chayah ben Boas and Shua comes home; he is eighteen years old.


1) September 14, 2013….Israel is home!



Here he is, held safely in the loving arms of his abba


 Certainly, we are very thankful, but…

Some of our children remain in custody, and we pray for all of them daily.

Havah’s letter to German Chancellor Angela Merkel remains unanswered.

15 thoughts on “Sixteen Freed!”

  1. Richard said:

    What a relief to know that errors are being corrected. I wish the state could make their ‘mea culpa’ and publish how wrong they were…
    Hopefully, I am glad some hearts are being touched.
    Could you publish the reasons given for their release?
    Be blessed for your endurance.

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