This is the Wetjen family…

Their newest post concerns their day in court, “We have the right to a fair trial.”‘


See Tamim’s video, with translation, at this post: “I do not want to give up my dream.


Read what they said and presented to the Judge in the post, “The Wetjen Family in Court.

Jeaseyah mit Abba

Here is the German language personal paper they give out, of which the above post is a translation.










Familie Wetjen

More pictures of the family

Baby with Father and Mother

Tamiym and Ketsiah, their son, Ye-eseyah (age 2)


Ye-eseyah (age 2), in the garden at Klosterzimmern in happier days.

See the Abba’s report on the second raid, “”Report of one personally affected father.

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