Family Gonzales-Rodriguez Serrano

SerranoFamilyDownload this paper in German: “Family Gonzales-Rodriguez Serrano. . . were visiting Germany.

A portion of this is available in English at “The Sad Fate of a Spanish Family in Germany.”

Read about “The Sad Fate of a Spanish Family” from August 28, 2014.

here is their letter to Herrn Seehofer

February 24, 2014 in Spain

Honored Mr. Ministerpräsident Seehofer,

I want to let you know what happened to my family while staying in Germany.

I am Spanish and my wife is American. We are not living in Germany, but our home is in Spain.

I work for a Spanish company in the field of solar technology. My company is contracting with the German firm Baufach.

I was working in Germany for three months beginning June 1st, 2013 and ending September 14th, 2013 and staying in Wörnitz during this time.

Short before our return back to Spain, I became victim of a German government raid in which my three children were taken away from my wife and I and put into state custody! We have been going through court hearings and administrative actions with the social services without any success. Our two older children are still kept separated from us already 6 months now! Our youngest child was returned to us on December 2, 2013.

Up to this day we do not understand what we are accused of. There is no evidence against my wife and I that we did anything wrong with our children. We have always loved and cared for our children. The children were found in perfect health at the raid.

Our children are 5 and 3 years old and were mostly Spanish and English speaking. They have been put in a German family and have been forcefully integrated into German society. Meanwhile we can hardly speak to our children, because they mostly speak German.

We considered ourselves as guests in Germany and are very shocked at the unjust and cruel treatment of the German government. We do not know how to get out of this terrible nightmare that we find ourselves in.

Our desire is to go home to our country where we have our permanent home and where we can live in peace with our children.

We hope that you are able to help us in our dilemma.

Thank you, for taking time to our request.


Iris Serrano Gonzalez & Tikvah Rodriguez

Here is another letter to the “Honored Mr. Seehofer” from Besorah Schott.

This is the Serrano family…


Hananyah being reunited with his Abba, Zayith, after he was released with his Imma, Tikvah.


Tikvah and Zayith and child.


Chemdah (age 5), and with her brother, Yakol (age 3)




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