This is the Schüle family…

His family paper is available for download in the German language.


Familie Schüle







The following posts are from it, with some additions, translated into English.

The fate of a Child of the Twelve Tribes, Part 1


The fate of a Child of the Twelve Tribes, Part 2


Helez facing return to state custody. Photo taken December 2, 2013.











Photograph was taken January 25, 2014…they have been separated since September 5, 2013.

Yes, Helez was released, finally, and rightfully, to the custody of his parents on January 22, 2014.

Read his imma’s (mother’s) letter of joy at his successful run away from foster care: “What we have been trying to say.

See his recent letter (January 31, 2014) to Herr Judge Prexl about his great desire that the other children would come home.

These gentle and kind people have lived in Klosterzimmern for years, interacting extensively with the local officials on many levels. They have six children, one of whom has left the Community.

In the hysteria about his family and their faith that son refused to testify against his parents. He has not been a party to their suffering, as have others to their own families. Here is part of their story, in words and pictures.


Helez is here seen before the courthouse on December 4 with his parents. Inside he made personal appeal to the judges to be set free. He is told he must wait until January 7, 2014, for his case to be heard. He remains in custody after having run away from foster care.


His sister, Zipporah, and his mother (imma) Yerusha are with him…briefly at home, happy, on December 2, 2013.

Zipporah wrote of her day inside the Jugendamt on 5 September, “Behind Closed Doors.”


The morning of December 4, after hearing he must return to his imprisonment, with his hopes resting on his court appearance later that day. He had run away from foster care hoping to be free!

Helez ( 13 )

Helez in happier days, at home, at Klosterzimmern.

Helez has made many pleas for freedom. Will his cry be heard or will the State of Germany continue to keep him, against his determined will, away from his parents? He wants to run back home, but the court won’t let him. As a very modern, very liberal state, Germany boasts of children’s rights, but they don’t mean it!

A plea: I Tried to Make that Clear to the Judge.

Very honored Frau Roser: My Greatest Desire.

The troubling story of his escape from captivity and “legal” recapture: What Happened to Helez?

Helez’ first day in court: The Jugendamt Destroys the Life of Happy Families.

Can anyone tell a tree by its fruit anymore? The apples in the bucket.