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In January of 2017 came the realization of the parent’s faith and hope for their daughter, Chaninah – she became a daughter of the commandment (Bath Mitzvah). This meant she not only professed her faith, but she was immersed into the new life of Messiah on this earth. Read this heartwarming story of “Unwavering Determination.”


Of course, this followed after a careful time of preparation following Chaninah’s (and Ishsh’s, her younger sister) liberation from captivity. The love of the parents turned the heart of their daughter. It is evident for all the world to see. Well, all with eyes to see, perhaps.

They were set free! See the post, “Two girls are finally allowed to go home!

_MG_0381See the post, “We were like those that dream” for more photographs of this wonderful event.

For a follow-up, with the amazing description of how they were in foster care, and why, read the post, “In the name of their abba and imma.”


The Schott Family reunited!

They always wanted to go home…

They spoke eloquently for themselves, as Ishah did April 26, 2015!


From Ishah

want to go home.

want to go home.

want to go home.

want to go home.

want to go home.

want to go home.

want to go home.

want to go home.

want to go home.

want to go home.

Did more need to be said? Why did it take 700 days?

In late December, 2014, Abiyah and Rekah, mother and father of Chaninah and Ishah Schott, received this touching thank-you card to all their friends near and far:


So from their hearts to yours, know they love and appreciate all those who in writing or in their hearts and prayers support them in their struggle.

Besorah herself spoke out in Berlin at our demonstration there (November 7-9, 2014). You can see her speech and read a translation: “What I experienced was different.” In the biased views of the government and their servants in the media, all families were like the two dropout families with their bitter stories. But Besorah (and the rest of our children) did not grow up like that. Listen to her own words.

So did her father also speak out at our demonstration at Donauwörth. There he asked the basic question establishing the just or unjust nature of a society, “Is it not everyone equal before the law?

The mother wrote the moving story of her life and her family at the post, “What else should I have learned all this for?” Her children were truly desired and truly cared for. The terrible injustice of them being torn away from their parents continues.

Download this paper in German: “An Open Letter from the Schott Family to the Family Court Judge in Nördlingen.” Translations (hopefully) to soon follow.


Watch (and read a translation) of Besorah’s interview while still in captivity: “I absolutely want to go back home!” This included her impassioned account of her three hour long interrogation by the criminal police.

Watch (and read a translation) of a video of Besorah and her friend, Sarah (who speaks English), as they speak about the mockery, foolishness, and absolutely poor learning environment of the German schools they were sent to: “Why our children refuse school.

Read her account of her visit to Lidice, Czech Republic: “What our children think of Lidice.” There you will also find food for thought in the “mercy” granted him who had no mercy, the commander of the massacre at Lidice.

Read Besorah’s letter to Bavarian state president: “Very honored Mr. Seehofer, please help us!


Ishah, Besorah, and Chaninah in happier times, with their family.

Besorah with her father

Besorah with her father, Abiyah, returning home after being set free.


Debeqah and Besorah, at their Return to the Community Celebration.

Some of Besorah’s cards and letters:

A piece of my heart is broken since we are separated.

Our Father is in Control.

I wish I were with you now.

I am extremely thankful to be home.

Some of Ishah and Chaninah’s cards and letters:

We will make it through the tunnel (card by Ishah).

I miss you tremendously (card by Ishah).

First Letters and Cards (by both Chaninah and Ishah).

Letter from Captivity by Ishah.

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