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On July 1, 2014 a Third Raid happened looking for Nechonah Pfeiffer. She was not found, and for the moment, peace reigns at Klosterzimmern as usual. There is video footage of the Raid, as well as our lawyers response, and our analysis of the District Office’s justification.


Nechonah (riding, age 12) and Chassidah (walking, age 11)…after their escape from captivity.

Read her imma’s open letter of thanksgiving for her successful run away from foster care: “Nechonah’s Burning Desire to Return Home.

Read excerpts from her diary while in captivity, “I was constantly bullied at the foster home.

Read Nechonah’s question to the judge: “Am I become a criminal?

Read “Nechonah’s Letter to Judge Prexl,” expressing her plea not to be dragged from her home again!

Read “Nechonah’s Letter to Herr Kanth,” detailing HER CLAIM to HER RIGHTS as a child.


Nechonah reads her letter to Herr Kanth to us.

Read “Nechonah’s Interview” after running away a second time from foster care!


Read about the third raid on Klosterzimmern when the police came to get Nechonah: “Jugendamt Mobilizes State Power.”

See how happy she is to be home, “Nechonah is at home again!” (See header image.)


Rea (age 8), Sharat, Sh’mariah, Nechonah (age 12)


Imma with her children, Nechonah sewing


Abba and son


What Nechonah is like at home: happy! (February 10, 2014)

Read about Nechonah’s and Rea’s abuse in foster care and at school, “Another girl runs away from foster care.”

Read Nechonah’s story, “The great struggle inside her,” about what happened when she went to see the judge about the abusive situation the Jugendamt had placed her in.

Read Nechonah’s latest card, “I’m not doing good here.”