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On July 1, 2014 a Third Raid happened looking for Chassidah Markeli. She was not found, and for the moment, peace reigns at Klosterzimmern as usual. There is video footage of the Raid, as well as our lawyers response, and our analysis of the District Office’s justification.


Nechonah Pfeiffer (riding, age 12) and Chassidah Markeli (walking, age 11)…after their escape from captivity.

After his son and daughter’s return to Klosterzimmern (Addar and Chassidah), the abba (father) felt compelled to write a man in the German government he personally knew: “Open Letter to Herr Kanth.”

Soon this was followed by another stirring letter, this time to Frau Roser, Chassidah’s first (lower court) judge. How sad for an eleven-year-old, upright, tender, and sensitive, to have so many judges, social workers, educators, and to enforce their collective will, police! “Open Letter to Judge Frau Roser

Yes, in mid-March 2014, young Chassidah successfully ran away from the convent in which she was imprisoned by the Jugendamt and made it all the way home safely! Hurray!

See her brief video (so far only in German) at the “Markeli Familie wieder vereint!” However the translation is available at the “Markeli Family is Together Again!

See the imma’s (mother’s) tender letter about her daughter, “Such an amazing heart.” In it she speaks of her one hour a week visits, each one a several hour drive away.


Boas, Shifchat-Yah, and Shua during their one hour a week together. The wooden horse is the gift of a friend.

It is their ten-year-old daughter, Shifchat-Yah (Chassidah), who has written such wonderful cards to her parents and her judge.

This was her new home, courtesy of the Jugendamt:

See her letter, “A Life without good Friends is no longer Life.”

When he turned eighteen, Chayah, “voted with his feet” which place was best for him by returning to the Community in Klosterzimmern where his parents live when he was released.


Chayah Markeli (now 18)

Soon, you’ll be able to see Chayah’s video account of his arrest and captivity, with English subtitles. For now, you can read its transcript in English at A Family Torn Apart. If you understand German, you can see it now at

Although other youth his age have been set free, his fifteen-year-old brother Addar was not set free until his sister ran away. Of course, maybe that had nothing to do with it.


Addar Markeli (age 15)




His older sister, Tsel Shaddai, remains a faithful disciple in the Twelve Tribes.

The great and added pain…

The Markeli family has great added pain in this very painful situation as their oldest son {not pictured here} has, in the words of the Savior, “risen against his parents” (Matthew 10:21). He is one of the witnesses against the Community and so he is a direct cause of his family being torn apart. His fifteen-year-old brother and ten-year-old sister live in different foster-homes because of him.


Tall man with cap: Boaz Markeli; tall woman directly in front of him: Shua Markeli: parents of Tsel Shaddai, Chayah, Addar, and Chassidah Shiftchatyah.

Read about December, 2013, court decisions concerning the Markeli family: By any other name: religious persecution.

Her letter to the judge about the deer: “I have not been born for this place.”

Shifchatjah at 5 years old with a deer

Chassidah Markeli (Shifchatjah) at 5 years old with a deer

At ten years of age, on a happier day, at Klosterzimmern.


Chassidah, a friend, her Imma, Shua. This place, Klosterzimmern, a Community of the Twelve Tribes, is the place she was born for. It is where she was happy and fulfilled.

Her letter to the judge about her “Ethics Class”: “Everyone in Germany can choose their own religion and live it out?” (Not me!)

From that letter comes the following words, illustrated with this tender photograph:


Shua, Shifchatyah (Chassidah)


“For example to honor my parents the way it says it in Ephesians 6. I honor my mother by taking care of her. I could not even be at my parents’ anniversary which was a few days ago.”




Chassidah’s Three Letters to Friends.

Another letter to her friends, “Don’t let the Jugendamt (youth office) oppress you.

Letter to her parents: I want to go Home!

From the Community in Klosterzimmern, about Tsel-Shaddai

Shua-Tsel-BoazWe were glad for the time we could spend with our precious friend and loyal daughter of Boas and Shua. She was called again to be a “Deli Mama” in our new Pulaski Deli and we were glad to send the best we could. She did not leave without a blessing for us to remember her by – hundreds of jars of apple and pear sauce, tomato sauce and other canned goods that she diligently processed along with her abba. Spiritually speaking she has her parents’ heart.
We love and miss you, Tsel Shaddai!

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