This is the Krumbacher family…

Ohevi is a German citizen, his wife, Rachel, is Swiss. All of their children are German and Swiss citizens, too. Read about their appeal to the Swiss courts: “At the expense of the children.” And also read about its immediate result, “A Matter of Execution.”


Havah, Hannah, Merea, Rachel, Ohevi: One Happy Family! They are waiting and praying to be reunited.

They were living in the Community of Klosterzimmern that fateful day, 5 September 2013, when 100 policemen and dozens, if not scores of social workers descended on our Community. Their oldest child, Hannah, is over eighteen, and Eva, or as we know her, Havah, is seventeen. Their little sister, Merea, is still in custody. She is eight years old.

My beloved Merea

“Merea longs for her release and to be with her parents and sisters again.”

Eva escaped, along with her sister Merea, twice from her foster-home. They both fled to Switzerland, because they could not endure it in Germany. The people did not like them and the children felt more and more like animals or objects. Then on November 8, 2013, the children were captured by Swiss police and returned to Germany! See the post, “Seized in the Middle of the Night.” Witnesses reported the whole process as incomprehensible.

Here is Eva on the day she was set free!

Eva finally released!

November 28, 2013: Eva finally released! Her mother and father, Rachel and Ohevi, are behind her, and her older sister, Hannah, is to her left.

She and her family have been the special objects of lying by officials and reporters. And if the politicians, judges, lawyers, and police say, “We only believed the reporters,” they are without excuse. Read Proverbs 17:4 and see. And read of “The lost honor of the Krumbacher family,” too.

She wrote to Chancellor Angela Merkel, while still in captivity, asking her to help them in this difficult time, but her letter has remained unanswered.


This was the impromptu welcome we were able to get together for Eva, a young woman we love very much…as we do all of our children.

Eva (Havah) shares so much with us in her diary for September through November, 2013: Diary of an Abused Girl.