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There is a little story not told till now about the return of Hannah and Ishah, daughters of Abiyah, almost two years ago. They had finally come home from the children’s home.

One young imma (mother) and her two little girls had a song to present.

First she told the story of how she and her girls had also been taken at the raid on September 5, 2013, but because of not being registered in Klosterzimmern – or in Germany at all at the time – they somehow were released at the end of the day. This young mother described some of her distress at trying to mother and comfort those children who were there without any of their parents that day.

After they were released, they were on the road for a long time. Her children didn’t understand and kept asking when the other children were coming. The faces of each of those children was right there in her mind. At some point she started to sing with them:

I said to myself what a wonderful day it will be when the children come back. I said to myself what a wonderful day it will be when the children come back. We will sing all day, we will dance all night on the day when the children come back.

(It’s a little children’s song that a sister in another tribe had written one time for her sister when she was coming home from somewhere.)

And so they sang this little song, and they sang and sang. And then they started singing it with the name of each child who had been taken – which is all of the children in both the communities in Germany. Somehow, on the road, the hope of this little song comforted them. And therefore she and her two girls had sung this song for Haninah and Ishah when they came home after two years of being away.

So when Merea was miraculously at her sister’s wedding, the king asked for this song to be sung. So the first sister and a few of the children jumped up and sang the song – and then EVERYONE joined in. We were singing and crying what a wonderful day it will be when Merea comes back. Merea and the two women educators who had escorted her to the wedding were touched with all of us at the wedding. As we say, we touched hearts.

And now the wonderful day has come. Merea is back! Our Father protected her heart! We are extremely thankful here about this. And we are praying for the release of more – all of our children.

May they all be as Merea was on her return, a fish in water!