Recently we published the rejoicing we experienced as a tribe and people last year over the ending of Merea’s captivity. Her heart – where was her heart after three long years? We had encouraging clues, but hardly one moment of privacy between parents and daughter for three years. Imagine that!

When she returned, though, she was like a “fish in the water” in the words of her wonderful imma (mother), Rachel. In another post, we mentioned the hope of a parable that one of us had seen in German spelt planted in a faraway land, foreign to all it had ever known.

Here is that parable…sit back and enjoy a good and gentle read, one full of hope and of the care of the Creator. It is told from the perspective of the spelt seeds themselves, and of all the strange things they encountered. It was written in April 2015.

The vast plain had dried just enough. But snow was on its way! Now they had to drive the eight hours south where a big seeder was waiting to place them into the black soil, as black as in their homeland in Klosterzimmern. They made it just in time, before the snow soaked them.

So now another race started inside of them. A spelt seed knows deep inside of it that it needs at least 50 cold nights, colder than +4C, in order to produce stalks and seeds, otherwise it would just become a green pasture with no fruit. In Germany they had plenty of these nights, more than a hundred! But now they have been planted with such delay. Are they still going to get enough cold and suffering to make their fruit?

They felt unusual the following weeks, but all of them sprouted and fulfilled their purpose. They fell to the ground and died to their old form. Yes, they gave themselves to the dying process. (We prayed again, morning and evening, for enough cold weather). Well, they did not experience the deep frozen soil they were used to, but it still felt kind of wet and cold, enough to get their chill. It rained and rained and the little creek beside their field rose up and flooded the fields, but their plot was just a little higher and was untouched by floods several times. Those seeds were supposed to bless the Tribes of the Americas, so lets see!So on went their life. They grew faster than usual, hardly any winter break! They just about skipped the winter and went straight into spring. But they felt that something told them to go against their own natural, inborn tendency that was telling them NOT to grow up without that cold they were used to. Did our Father tell them, for the sake of His people and the children of the tribes who prayed so faithfully for them, to grow their stalks and ears of grain anyway?

Many times our little seeds received visits from curious disciples, expectantly waiting for the first signs of making their stalks. It kept on raining plenty and much sun shone as well, making all the fields in the area growing better than ever along with our special crop. There was a special blessing on the area this year! So the miracle happened! In mid-December, mid-summer here in the southern hemisphere (the time they would have been under a cover of snow back in Germany), they heard the call and sent out thousands and thousands of stalks and shoots, growing up fast into little flowering ears of grain and developing tiny green seeds in them. It was so fast, just a matter of a few weeks!

A big hailstorm just went by their field, hitting the genetically modified (GMO) soy beans just beside them and chopping them into pieces. But our little spelt was safe and protected! 
But now they started to suffer – suddenly it was so hot for them! Used to the comfortable German summers and just coming out of their fast spring growth, they went through a great stress.

In early January suddenly all the regular rain stopped and it got hotter than ever, 37°C (100°F) for weeks, with strong winds from the desert in the northwest. Oh, how they did suffer! They watched the grains around them drying up, being harvested and trucked away, because they had been seeded much earlier than them. But here they were, still so green. And now all this heat!

They started loosing their green leaves, just their premature heads with their little green seeds in them sticking up in the air. But they knew deep inside of their unmodified make-up from their Creator that they had to go through it. Even being a little small and a little shriveled, they still developed their little germs under the protection of their thick spelt hull that kept them from totally drying up. Their starchy inside part suffered and was little, but they had kept the most important part, their ability to sprout and reproduce!

January 30, 2015

So in came the harvester of a neighbor, who miraculously helped us! All the fields around were already harvested long before. But now we were harvesting the last plot in the area, harvesting our little “delayed spelt seeds”! Were they really ready? Eagerly the disciples were waiting beside the field, taking them out of their hulls to see if they had maintained the purpose for their lives. YES! After making some sprouts, all of them still sprouted. Even the smallest ones, which really did not look like anything of a spelt berry, but more like a little brown grass seed. They had survived and showed the power of a unmodified seed – to continue on for the future generations and bless the Tribes of the Americas with its many future communities!

 Could this be a parable for our children in Germany, who went through the greatest suffering in their lives just at the same time as the odyssey of these seeds? For they are those who have been truly dedicated and have received the incorruptible seed. Will it not endure?

And so it was that this parable, this prophecy came true. It came true for Merea, and it came true for Chaninah and Ishah, for many others, and in the end it will come true for all our captive children.

Like the farmer and his son, all we can do is praise Yahweh!