Readers responded very favorably to the recent post, “There are still Miracles,” on our German blog. The miracle was the return of another son of ours (he had to run away, as many have had to…nothing less convinces the authorities, it seems).

The patience of Job

“That pleases me very much! Now I hope and pray that the sister will be able to live with you again soon! What an incredible story the whole [thing is]… just incredible.

Do not seek revenge…leave it to Heavenly Father. Think of the patience of Job, and especially the word of the Savior: 

Father forgive them – for  they know not what they do! Or to the position of Stephen, who said, “Father do not reckon this sin to them.

These are the only truly statements in the Spirit of Christ.”

A picture of the whole family.


And from another reader…

God’s Protection upon You

“This is a very nice news.

“I am so glad that the boy is allowed to be with his parents, even where he really belongs.

“Knowing that there are still children who are not allowed to go home, my heart runs wild.

Dear parents, you do not know what to say.

“You are special people. God loves you with all your heart.

“I think of you again and again.

“Hope you are doing well.

“Thank you very much for the insights.

“I wish you God’s protection and blessing from your heart.

“Your Doro”