In response to Sarah’s post, “Growing up in the Way,” a reader had this to say on our German site:

“A very beautiful report, whose correctness I can confirm in many respects. The few times I have been a guest have given me enough insight into their wonderful wonderful life together. It is the warmth in the community that is completely genuine and natural and today has become absolutely rare.

“For example, I was not conscious of the fact that someone had wronged me. And yet I was approached about it and the person asked me, a guest, to forgive her because she felt her behavior was not have as fine as (probably) this person would have wished of herself.

“This makes an impression. This is not easy to forget.

“And it is therefore unbearable to have to witness how these fine people are being slandered almost day by day.

“…So, this report of the daughter from the Twelve Tribes here is understandably correct.

“She talks about the life in the Twelve Tribes in a way you will not experience any differently!!! I do not guarantee too much!!!”


Here is a photo of Sarah’s family when she was growing up.

Yehezekels 015