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A follow-up on one of our Families

Since September 5, 2013, many things have happened to our families once living in Germany. There has been a virtue to the things they have suffered and the losses they have experienced. They report a depth of trusting our Father and of learning to pray in ways that no lesser experience would have made possible. Here is one more chapter in the story of Abiyah and Rekah Schott, this one involving their second daughter, Chaninah. She has had several posts on this blog. Just search for Schott or for her name. 

Abiyah announced one evening that his daughter Chaninah would make a covenant with our Master on December 31. We have heard how when she was in captivity in Germany that she counted every day until she and her younger sister (Ishâh) were released, holding unwavering determination that she would return to her parents.

She heard that if they would leave the community that she would be released, so she told them that she absolutely did not want them to do that, but that they should remain faithful and she would come back to them when she could. It has been evident from this family’s arrival in our community that she has a heart for our Master and is very loyal. Still, to make a lifelong covenant with our Master and His people calls for embracing the gospel in a genuine surrender. Her parents and she have been in preparation for this essential step.

Before going to the water, we assembled for an unhurried presentation by Abiyah, Rekah, and Chaninah. about her path up to that point, including the difficulties in Germany, and her confession. She mentioned several matters in which she saw clearly that she needed salvation and knew that our Master Yahshua could help her. It was clear that her sensitive conscience had done its necessary careful work. She would be forgiven much and therefore she would love much.

It was especially touching that she presented a poem for her parents that she had written, that she and her friends had set to music.

Verse 1

From the day that I was born

You raised me in His way

Dedicated in the way of Yahweh

Your unity made me secure

Your trust in Him helped me endure

Through the darkest, most painful time.


Even when the struggles seemed impossible to bear,

You stood fast and did not compromise.

You loved our Master with all of your heart—

Because of your faith I am here.

Verse 2

As the waves of life came crashing,

You did not lose heart.

Into His hands you placed our lives.

Never doubting His lovingkindness,

Never doubting His salvation,

You said, “If not today, it will be tomorrow!”


Verse 3

Now I will take on your heart,

Embrace the struggle by your side,

Letting my roots grow deep in the land.

The battle is not over yet

We must endure, press on together.

I give my life to see His will be done.

(Chorus and Interlude)

(Chaninah’s Chorus)

Even when the struggles seem impossible to bear,

I will stand fast, I will not compromise.

Love our Master with all of my heart,

Standing in faith I will endure.


Even when the struggles seem impossible to bear,

We will stand fast, we will not compromise.

Loving our Master with all of our hearts,

Standing in faith we will endure.

Standing in faith we will endure.

She went eagerly into the frigid water with her abba and David, cried out, and has been radiant ever since, honoring her parents, joyfully serving in the work, and sharing worthy insights in the gatherings.