For all those who wonder what happened to the boy who ran out of his home two months ago because he was threatened with a psychiatric treatment …

Will the little voice be silenced?

He had been moved to another facility in the summer. Therefore a new court was responsible for his family life. The competent judge was very concerned about the well-being of the boy and proved to be extremely conscientious. So he did everything in his power in the short time before the Christmas holidays to help the fugitive boy.

The family was blessed in its misfortune!

The family judge arranged and reached a reasonable agreement with the Jugendamt. Thus, the boy does not have to go into psychiatry but can remain with his family until a final decision is made.

The eleven-year-old is therefore happily reunited with his parents and his youngest sister after three long years of separation.

The happiness of the family is almost complete again.

Only his five-year-old sister still has to remain with state care-givers.

The boy can now visit his grandmother again. He was never allowed to do this during his state custody.

One last visit to his grandfather unfortunately is no longer possible. He died while his grandson was forced to live in state custody.

A Follow up Report on Hermann

The return of one of our sons was a great joy to us, prompting a festival including a wintry sleigh ride!