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Containing important corrections from the original German post:

Once again the Jugendamt (the German Youth Office) informs the press in an incomplete and misleading manner. The background of the boy’s flight is as follows:

For three years the young boy has begged to go back home to his parents and to the Community of the Twelve Tribes he was raised in. He was kept at the “children’s home” (orphanage) only because he held onto the hope that he could go home at the end of the protracted court proceedings.

Above all, he wanted to return to his parents. He believes also that it will work out well. As he has been at the home for a long time. The child offered various reasons why it would be better for him to be with his parents. He misses his parents. There were more festivals in the Community of Faith and better food. He could play outside and climb trees. Perhaps he will even meet his friend […] again.

When asked what would change for him, if he were with his parents again, the boy enumerated exclusively (from his viewpoint) positive changes. He could help again in the garden and drive with his father on the tractor. He could join in with the festivals and fry potatoes in the fire in the Feast of Tabernacles.

(Quotation from the expert.)

But the Bavarian authorities persistently try to break the will of the eleven-year-old child. p13The boy is not heard nor respected by the judges or the youth office workers. For three years he has only been allowed to see his parents under strict supervision once every three weeks for two hours each time, without any privacy. It is said to protect him from the influence of his parents. Once a week he can make phone calls, but never without being listened in on.

As a matter of fact the court appointed psychological evaluator, Dr. Kindler, reports that the boy suffers massively under “only” two years of being separated from his parents at the time of the expert report.:

Once he laid his head on the table and hid his face with his arms, sobbing and telling me how much he misses his parents. Talking of how he was dealing with the pain of separation and his longing to be with his parents, he said he tried to distract himself with computers and television programs.

Moreover, some of the boy’s remarks indicate that he understands his institutionalization as a punishment, and he concludes from its increasing duration that the end of his time in institutional care is drawing near.

(Quotation from the expert.)

Last summer he was transferred to another institution, and the Higher Regional Court (OLG) ruled that the removal of the parents right to care for their child remained. The painful separation from his parents and sisters was increasingly expressed in frustration and anger by the troubled boy, so he was to be placed for psychological treatment in January of 2017 in a closed section of the Josefinum. There his despair will be “treated” with drugs to “calm” him. Shall his small human voice be silenced in this way?

The worried parents have begged the Youth Office leader to return the boy back to them, but the latter rejected the parents’ plea with the banal excuse that he was no longer responsible…

The only way out was for the boy to run away!

Now he has finally managed to flee, just like some of his older friends before him fled, and he has now arrived safely with his family. He never expects to be separated from them again. But will he succeed? According to the Jugendamt a major manhunt has been launched against him. . .twice already he has been torn by force by the police from his family. How much cruelty does he have to endure?

Besides, there is still no court order that would allow the violent separation of him from his family and and placement in psychiatric care.” That means that even if the police could find him, they could not take him against his will from his parents, but merely inform the Jugendamt (Youth Office) of his whereabouts, and that he is well. In order to again separate the boy from his parents, a court must order the use of force against the boy himself.

In the past, the Youth Office has not complied with this.



In response to the post, “Will the Little Voice be Silenced?” a reader on our German site posted the following.

“There is massive injustice against the boy and the parents. No wonder that families do not want children anymore — it is highly risky to start families1

“Only recently, a family from the Rosenheim district with five children returned to Russia (escaped) in order to escape what happened to these “Twelve Tribes”. Another family, customers of us, Germans, have emigrated to Denmark, with eight children, for the same reason.

“It is real sad how dangerous the German state is for families.

“The German state is now the greatest childhood risk!”

  1. See the information posted by Jacy-Raduan Berger at the Jugendamt page.