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Someone recently commented on Sarah Roehr’s post, “Growing up in the Way.” Below are her words.1

Dear Sarah,

Thanks for the loving presentation. I am very very happy that there are people such as you. You are a wonderful young woman. Your parents can really be proud (in a good way) of you. Your parents have done everything right. You are the living proof of that.2

I always think of you. It causes tears in my heart to learn of your destiny. This uncommon injustice has been converted from evil [thoughts] into [evil] actions. It is most definitely the day where the good Lord will dry your tears and hold the people who have done you this to you accountable.

I am aware that it is not enough to write only a few sentences here. I often get angry at myself and the many others who live paralyzed lives and do nothing to help you. If we had something would already have happened.

Instead, turning in a circle. Always the same every day. Get up, go to work, home, cooking, shopping. Like a robot, do the tasks of the day so the bosses, the company, and the people around you are satisfied. No thanks or recognition or anything else. That’s life today.

I fall tired into bed every evening. I feel the the futility of it all extremely. This unhealthy dependence on money. Without money you can not exist in the world today.

I envy you Sarah for your life. You describe how you live and what has made you the person you are today. Your life was filled with meaningful tasks. You’ve been lucky enough to live a full, happy life until the day when evil has sought [to bring] a complete surprise to your home.

Dear Sarah, you and your parents and all other people in the community, you are really great people.3 I wish you God’s blessing and protection. It has done well to read your lines. It is good to know that in this world there are still people who have God with all my heart love and respect His commandments and live the commandments.

I carry you in my heart.


  1. The German original is at the post, “Meine Kindheit in den Zwölf Stämmen” (My Childhood in the Twelve Tribes).
  2. If you understand German, you will enjoy watching this interview of Sarah (whose name in the Community is Tehorah) from the summer of 2013.
  3. Here is a picture of Sarah and her family when she was younger. Yehezekels 015