A comment about “Social-Educational Expert Opinion

My thanks to this woman.1 It is sheer madness what is happening in this country. It is just so ‘normal’ that nobody notices. And then when everything is reduced to ashes and rubble2, the great weeping begins.

And then you say, “Oh, if only you would have…” but then it is too late.

“But, well, this is how it will be unless CONSCIOUSNESS and ALERTNESS and COURAGE spread further.”

The [ashes and rubble] begins with the GEZ (Germany’s public broadcasting network) and ends with ‘state-decreed child abuse.’

Freedom = Responsibility. Humanity believes itself to be free while being the slave of the economy and consumption. The slave of a few…

I wish the dear people of the Twelve Tribes peace and freedom in their new home country. How sad that you had to leave this wonderful place (Klosterzimmern).

In love,

Mona Ziegler


  1. The core of what she said is in these brief paragraphs: 

    “Abuse often occurs in an uncontrolled rage and anger – this was not seen here at all.

    “Quite to the contrary, a peaceful atmosphere, which helps the child to understand the penalty. This penalty seems to be embedded in a framework where the child feels loved and accepted overall.

    “Obviously, the educators do not act randomly, but peacefully and in a positively targeted manner, so that the child can learn from it. This became clear in the video, e.g. it was explained to the child why he had to experience this penalty (“so that you will grow into a big strong tree”). The strokes were so weak that an injury is probably out of the question. This makes it clear that the educators did not want to hurt the children by any means. Physical abuse seems to be out of the question.

    “Telling from the reactions of the children, a positive trusting relationship with their educators becomes obvious, as the penalty as such is being accepted by the children.

    “These reactions by the children (among other things no resistance to the penalty) to me do not seem to be based on intimidation but on loving “embedding in a parent-child-relationship.”

  2. Today, unlike the World Wars, we have moral devastation…It is not like ashes and rubble of the ruined cities then…

    but it is the moral order of millennia that is being destroyed…that is what Mona is writing about.