Since 2014 I have personally known the Community of the Twelve Tribes by residencies of several weeks in three countries. First, only by chance in France, then planned in Spain, and now also in Germany. In each country, I found everywhere the same good spirit, grace, piety, fear, and humility before the absoluteness of the one God as well as of the salvation offered by His incarnate Son, the Messiah, to lost humanity.

In these communities, the Scripture is not only read and talked about, you will also live and feel it – experience it – for example in:

Kindness and charity, community and a sense of family, overcoming egoism, hospitality, peacefulness, and harmony. It is not paradise – but even where there is defectiveness and failure – they deal openly and honestly and by confession bring restoration.

The only thing I have repeatedly missed longingly into the Community in Klosterzimmern is… your children!

Equating corporal punishment with violence and even abuse is a mistake1 and it was turned by advocates (in the media and government) against children’s deprivation into it’s exact opposite (causing their deprivation!).

Nor is punishment always good and always justified. Little children can come to harm, and this must be prevented or stopped. Those possibly injured must be compensated. The actual “violent criminals” are here clearly all those who have carried out and endorsed the extremely brutal action and action against child and family. Those who do not even have qualms to snatch babies the mother’s breast 2, are soulless beings without hearts… they have taken leave of their senses. One can only commiserate (pity) these poor creatures and pray for them in the hope of salvation.


Horst Seehofer (photo by Ralf Roletschek)

This horror and insanity is right here in democratic Germany, in the “Free State of Bavaria – “…the precursor to Paradise” (campaign Quote 2014 Horst Seehofer / Bavarian Prime Minister)!

70 years after the demise of the dictatorial reign of terror, which caused unimaginable suffering, the damage has not yet been settled.

Discreetly let me say of some companions of other nations, that I have known during my hike on the Camino de Santiago in 2014, that we Germans are often considered arrogant…which still attaches to us the name “Nazis”…

We have to bear a burden and should train ourselves in humility, modesty, and above all peacefulness.


Gerhard Schelchshorn

Submitted on 10/21/2015 (link is to a post on the German language blog).



  1. Die RedaktionAs a judge in 2012 in Germany had to discretely say – lest he lose his position! – “Whoever punishes every form of physical punishment without differentiation, evens out the profound pedagogical difference between child abuse and clear, child-rearing guidelines of controlled chastisement which are aimed at the welfare of the child and are not administered in anger. No one can argue that the Bible agrees with chastisement as long as it is done within measure and as long as it serves to raise a child lovingly. A state that forbids Christian parents all forms of physical discipline intrudes in a God-given, inalienable right, and restricts not only parental rights but also the freedom of religion that is protected by the German Constitution.”
  2. This is what happened: The nursing mothers were allowed to remain with their babies in a state-run institution. Then, again without notice, a second raid came on December 9, more brutal than the first and without any warrant. A nursing baby was literally torn off of its mother’s breast, and a child with a life-threatening medical condition was not allowed even to say goodbye to his mother. Crying siblings were split up. Even the people at the institution were appalled, knowing full well the trauma being inflicted upon the stunned and defenseless children. A respected villager called the action “beneath contempt“:Manfred-Hermann-Dez-2013 “This was beneath contempt” complains Manfred Herrmann, a citizen of Dürrlauingen: ”This is not how you deal with people,” says the 74-year-old. He is not sympathizing with the community of believers, but: “What happened there was unseemly.”