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Still an open letter:

Dear Mrs [Judge]

Dear Mr [Judge]

I have long wondered whether I should write to you. I actually belong to the silent majority in this country that works, pays taxes and rarely makes their opinion known. I am not a religious man, and I am skeptical of groups like the Twelve Tribes, Mormons or Scientology.

But what the German government has done here, by having the children forcibly torn from these families can not be justified by the reasons put forward and it is hard to make amends for this action. You should ask yourself what inflicts more damage to children: the parents who use corporal punishment on their children (which is also to be condemned) or state coercion arranged by you.

Child abduction in Germany are rightly under severe penalties. What difference do you think it makes for a child whether he is dragged away screaming from his parents by a kidnapper or an employee of the Youth Office (Jugendamt)? The difference for us adults may be obvious. For the child the trauma will be the same in either case.

I hereby ask you to put the necessary legal wheels in motion and let the younger children go back to their parents.

Best regards.