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The Expulsion of the Twelve Tribes from Germany Causes Sadness

spiegel-online-12-stc3a4mme-verlassen-dLink to the Spiegel Online article.

In a country that continuously calls out “Welcome” and “Germany is colorful” when politics and the media prompts it to do so (not before – I have for many years supported surviving refugees living under inhumane conditions, with very few others finding it interesting), is in this same country a community of peaceful, warm people persecuted, vilified, and now driven out (when politics and the media encourage).

Germany is colorful? Welcome? Do the new Welcome-callers actually admit that almost all refugee and migrant families educate their children with physical punishment, and that the children of these foreign cultures still love their parents in old age, honor, and cherish?

Should the future of all these children be like those of the Twelve Tribes children — torn away from their parents and re-educated in children’s homes?

Our country will be poorer without the Twelve Tribes, without their alternative way of life, their Hoffest, their humanity. I wish them better luck in their new homeland.

Ute Fehr