Ohevi Rachel HannahFrom her parents

We had the last milestone celebration for our first born daughter Hannah. It was short and simple but also sweet and deep.

There is much appreciation for our daughter in our hearts. We are especially grateful for Hannah’s heart towards us. She expressed her thankfulness that we chose this life. From the day of her Bat Mitzvah on she has served us faithfully and proved to be true to her vows and she also developed her own conviction. Now we can send her with joy to serve the Body.

We know that we could only bring her so far but the work of salvation continues. We have full confidence that Hannah will love and receive the direction of the Body and therefore will continually learn and increase.

It is a great comfort to us to still have our second daughter Havah (19) with us and we pray day and night for our youngest daughter Merea (11) to be released from state custody and be brought back to her family and her life!

As a beautiful song we sing says…

Our work is to believe in His goodness

Our work is to believe in His kindness

Knowing that all things work for the good

To those who love Him…

…Our work has just begun!

Ohevi and Rachel


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