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On August 24, 2015, the parents published this card from their daughter, Chaninah, written in October, 2013. How true her words, the words of an innocent child who loved her loving parents, still ring. This heart of Chaninah’s could not be denied, and so custody was returned completely to her parents in early August, 2015.



Dear Abba and Dear Ima,

How are you doing! I am doing ok. Thank you for the letters. Thank you very much for the package and all that was in it. The scarf, the tea (we drank it right away), the honey waffles, the wool and the card. We are the two sheep! I was very happy. Many greetings to Ishah Chadasha, I think she also helped with it.

I am so happy that we can see each other again in a few days. I can hardly wait. I hope our Father will soon bring us home again. Now we still have to wait a little while. We have to hold on to the hope, even though it is not easy!

Many greetings to everybody!!! I miss you all very, very much! I love you and appreciate you!!

Your daughter, Chaninah



Abba and Ima (or Imma) are how our children refer to their father (abba or source) and their mother (imma or foundation).