Sent: Monday, 17th August, 2015

Subject: The Families of the Twelve Tribes

Ladies and gentlemen,

I’m referring to the families of the “Twelve Tribes,” whose children apparently were torn from them by the state, and I would ask you to hear a statement of a citizen of the German Republic who wants to point to an entanglement in this issue.

Please bear in mind that my language corresponds to that of a citizen of this Federal Republic and accordingly should be taken objectively. Thus it doesn’t come from a legal basis in any way, but merely from an expression of my opinion.

I noticed that my own concerns leading to a prejudgment of a community such as the “Twelve Tribes” as some kind of a sect1, possibly dominate all the proceedings. For basically, they (the “Twelve Tribes”) have grouped together as a community, yet aren’t proselytizing their surroundings with raised finger, but rather extend an invitation.

I’m afraid that the general hardness of society has attached the sect cliche to the “Twelve Tribes,” from which they will have to work their way out of with much diplomacy and persuasion.

It is a little bit as if the “Twelve Tribes” have been stigmatized with “Attention Sect,” and everything that they say in their defense is basically dismissed ad absurdum with the argument of insanity.

How then is a person like that, whether a natural or legal person, supposed to defend themselves in such a situation if their own position per se is dismissed as being misty-eyed and outright insane?

A reprimand may possibly be appropriate, a reference to the generally accepted rules of behavior in society. However, to tear a child from their parents without “warning” is much worthier of a reprimand and probably not legal in that way.

I ask you to consider these circumstances in the future hearing.


Franziska v. Hardenberg

  1. The European word for “cult,” with all of its negative connotations.