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From our children in Argentina…

in honor of Shifchat-jah

Without me life is impossible

Because everyone needs company
To be able to be in harmony
And have a bond that is imperishable.

Wherever I go, I spread sweetness
as a comb dripping honey
Faithful I will always be
You will not fear for I am steadfast.

If you want to be with me
easy to reach you must be
and love your enemy
You must be friendly!

Can you tell who I am?... Friendship!

From Shifchat-jah, first posted January 14, 2014…

A life without love is lonely,

A life without hope is cruel,

A life without trust is empty,

but a life without good friends is no longer life.


Dear Nechonah,

How are you doing? I am doing o.k. I know it is not very easy for you right now, but endure. Our Father has a great plan for us.

Are you alone right now? Are you in a foster family or an orphanage?

I just want to let you know that I appreciate you for enduring. We were always good friends and we always liked each other. Now it is very different — through the use of the Jugendamt we don’t see each other anymore.

Isn’t it true, that a life without parents and good friends is no longer life? Often I think of the nice times we had together going swimming or milking goats together…


I wish we could just live together. We need to endure. I love you sooooooooooooooooo much! I miss you very, very much.

Your best friend forever,


P.S.        I try everything so that I could visit you.


Yes, this is Shifchat-jah, the young girl

who ran away from foster care

to return to her family in the Community,

writing to her friend, Nechonah

who also ran away from foster care

to return to her family in the Community.

May our Father keep and bless them!

They are best friends!