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What manner of children have the Twelve Tribes Raised?

Consider carefully the following few, but choice words

written by a sister describing these wonderful events…


“One of the caretakers in the home told someone that it was the first time they had children come there who support them. These were girls who were in the name of their abba and imma – kind, gentle, helpful and childlike.*

“It was so different where they were, so difficult, but in their hearts they remained who they were – in the name of their abba and imma and their hope. They were shiners, shining through. Chaninah is now 13 and Ishah 10.

700 Days

“It is almost two years since they were taken away. Chaninah kept a calendar. She has counted every day – it was 700 days. Those days have come to an end for her and her younger sister.

“Our celebration continues. We wanted to share our joy with you.”


A beautiful child Chaninah has never seen before!

A VERY HAPPY Ishah with her loving parents.


Ishah, age 10, left, Haninah, age 13, center, their abba, Abiyah, right.


At home, in the best place, by her imma’s side…where she always wanted to be.

*In the name of…

In Hebrew, name is not just tag a person wears, but the honor, character, and authority that name immediately evokes in the hearer. “A good name,” the proverbs say, “is to be chosen rather than great riches, and favor (grace) is better than silver or gold.” (Proverbs 22:1).

Thus when the three girls came in the name of their abba and imma – when they acted in the way they did – they proved that in their hearts they never left their parents’ authority, never acknowledged the cruel overlordship of the Jugendamt, and never believed the lies they were told.

In their hearts, in other words, they never left their beloved family.

Thus they displayed, from Day 1 of their Captivity, until Day 700, the kind, gentle, helpful, and childlike character of their parents.

That is what it means that they came in the name of their parents.

Let all give honor to where honor is due, to such wonderful parents and to such loyal, godly daughters. When someone can not do that, or will not do that, they merely show they have no honor themselves.