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The writer visited us recently, but has watched us closely for a long time…

Good day!

First of all, I’d like to say that I’m not a part of any religion — I’m an ordinary citizen of a small Swabian town. And still, we do live in a civilization that is strongly marked by Christianity and thus my values are based on Christian values.

When I heard that right in Germany several dozens of children were forcibly taken from their parents, I was – mildly speaking –appalled.

Without prior talks, without any verification, apart from the Jugendamt [Germany’s Social Services]… where are we living? In a state under the rule of law or in a state that takes the law into its own hands, where everyone can do whatever he wants?

Who ordered this raid? Who judged and condemned the behavior of these parents? Who is responsible for this? I would like to know so I can personally turn to the responsible one.

My world has been turned upside down and I am severely opposed to this very undifferentiated approach.

You may like or not like some pedagogical concepts, but equating a rather mild disciplinary measure with child abuse is more than scary to me.

I myself would get a “thrashing” from time to time when I was a child — never as an expression of violence, but rather as a symbolic act. This did not damage me by any means, I’ve turned into a decent citizen acting responsibly and “ethically correctly.”

I think it’s an expression of human and ethical degradation that violent games and films are accepted and allowed by society and the state (perhaps because people make a lot of money with these?), but a rather mild disciplinary measure, purposely applied, is classified as a crime.

It seems to me that these children are supposed to be “forcibly civilized” – thus are separated from their parents as long as possible so they would “finally” end up in “normal” life. The only question is whether what we view as “normal” and “civilized” today is actually still “good.” Isn’t a child that has learned to share and that plays with others outside rather than being hooked to the TV or the smartphone, valuable for a future society? Are only children and youth who at a “normal” TV consumption have already watched 18,000 casualties by the time they are 14 and who spend hours typing into their cell phones rather than meeting with their friends, “normal” and “socially acceptable” these parts? Sad, sad…

Go and visit this community! Get your own idea. There still exists a bit of an intact world – right in Germany. Whoever cannot take this is free to go on living his “great, civilized life,” but please leave these people alone.

Give these children back to these people! It is child abuse to separate children from their parents! This measure did much more psychological damage to these children than a few rod strokes they might have gotten.

I wonder what ever happened to common sense…

Yours appalledly,

Mona Ziegler