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During my two-week stay in the community of the Twelve Tribes I only saw children with bright eyes. One boy took my boy by the hand right away, because he was a bit shy at first and he showed him everything and was explaining things very patiently.


He really always had such nice, shining eyes. After two years my son still talks about him and wants to help him to come back to his wonderful parents. The boy Noah drew many pictures with my son AND THEY WERE ALL JUST SUNNY, HAPPY PICTURES!

At a common supper one woman talked about her daughter who stayed in the so-called “free world” and went down a wrong path. While she was talking, she started crying; a five-year-old boy got up, left the room, and came back shortly after that and gave that woman a handkerchief. He said,

Don’t cry, it will all be good again.”

Back then I was deeply touched and thought, ‘What child his age would respond that way where we come from?’ From my own experience as a mother I know that children this age are still very selfish.

The little children there did not know what it meant to take away a toy from another. They are used to sharing everything and helping each other. Do the 2 to 4-year-old children in this technocratic world act that way? I ask all mothers this question.

It really is a shame for us to scorn such kind-hearted people, and to take away happy, compassionate, helpful children from their parents, who only taught them all the good in life, and to conform them to our behavior patterns by force!!! … with all that goes along with it – television full of crimes, thrillers, violence, sex, and negative news, computer games, smartphones, which only harm our children.

These children differ in the way they treat each other, the adults, and the animals from our children in the positive! And all this good you, “dear ladies and gentlemen,” who think you are civilized, want to destroy??? … instead of being happy that there are still a few children and adults like that on our planet… living like in little oases, being self-sufficient, and not harming anyone else, but only helping everyone else.

img_2457In the Twelve Tribes there is a place for everyone who does not see a chance in the world anymore. Also outcasts, abandoned, and handicapped people were welcomed, and they feel loved and only change for the better. I only saw people like that there.

Even the animals there live like kings. The cows have a bright, huge barn with the gate wide open and they can go in and out as they please. The goats, who were described to me as aggresive by many Austrian owners, there they are friendly and tame. The goatherd who I talked with about this phenomenon, said to me, “If we understand them and love them, then they improve in their character.”

With this letter I send my appeal to all who can still think and sympathize and who the fate in life of these wonderful, unspoiled children souls depends on.

With hope and kindness,

Irina Seelinger