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More of what our Youth think about the World

This youth grew up in our Communities in Spain…

Slaves to the State

Governments nowadays want individuals to be useful to the state. That is why they make all those laws so children belong to the state from birth.

Right now we are engaged in battle because we do not want to have that way of life nor become someone who eventually is a slave of the state.

They offer a lot, but later you will suffer for it.

A human being now in this society often finds himself in loneliness, sad, stressed, trying to survive and not be stepped on, oppressed under the spirit over Europe. We are being formed while suffering persecutions. We are making a place where people without hope to live may come and find people that love them, even if they don’t have any qualifications. They can be a humble disciple without any degrees of “nothing.”

Emunah (age 16)