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Published in German on 30 July 2015


The police raid foray-type at 6 am taking the children from the parents of the biblical community 12 Tribes in Klosterzimmern (Nördlingen) and Wörnitz (Ansbach) – because of the “muckraker” report by an RTL reporter and statements of an “ex-member” of the group – already took place on Sept. 5th, 2013.


Großeinsatz der Polizei bei der Glaubengemeinschaft "Zwölf Stämme" in Klosterzimmern (Kreis Donau-Ries) am 5. September 2013: Die Beamten nahmen alle Kinder der Gruppe mit.

Photo by Dieter Mack, Augsberger Allgemeine.

Since then, both children and parents have cried many tears over the separation, they have written heartbreaking letters of request (even just for a single visit during a festival at home, which was NOT granted!), they have fought desperately, and experienced painful separations following the brief and infrequent visits (about 2 hours every 3 weeks).

Please read the post, “Can a good tree bear bad fruit?

My friend whose 9-year-old son has been having to live first in an institution and now in a remote host family since Sept. 5th, 2013, let me know a while back how the witnesses she put forth were “not accepted.” How can this be in a (supposedly) just and fair trial?

This current statement of another witness confirms my impressions and leaves me very dismayed: “Two girls remain in state custody.

I have visited the Community in Klosterzimmern 2 times and found them to be a wonderful community! They work together creating something I had never experienced before – life with and in nature, harmonious, healthy, with animals, plants, the other human beings.

The large monastery property of Klosterzimmern was wonderfully restored, expanded, and revived!

GemeinschaftInKlosterzimmernCover(Previously, large-scale pig breeding had been taking place there.)

Germany needs people who fashion the old into the new, who live with nature without exploiting it, who live in COMMUNITY, who are there for each other, helping each other! Who live along with their children – who experience and carry further this security from the beginning of their lives.

These believing people would never beat their children so as to injure them!

They love their children just as all other parents do. To bear the current forced separation is so difficult.

Read the impressions of this witness:

Chaninah seemed to be from the forced taking into care by the state very insecure and helpless and anxious. All three girls spoke with a lot of longing and love about their parents. I have no doubt that the children have grown up in an environment with a lot of security and care shown by their parents and by other members of the Community. For me there is no doubt that the children love their parents very much and that they suffer from the separation, very severely sometimes.”

Is this tolerable in a “free state under the rule of law”?

Aren’t there some problems of an entirely different dimension in Germany – children who really are in danger, troubles wherever you look? Why do you tear these very children and parents apart at all costs? You could scarcely imagine any more loving and more insistent letters of request than those written by these children.

From one of their own children, “Dear Reader.”

(Please read, also about the raid!)

Why aren’t they heard?

Please support the speedy reunification of the affected parents and children in Klosterzimmern and Wörnitz!

Please finally let these religious people mold their lives self-determinedly again in peace, freedom, and responsibility!


A. R., mother of 2, pharmacist

Note: This letter will also go to the press and some public figures. It is an expression of genuine concern. Are these parents being treated with HARSHNESS deliberately because of their Christian faith?

Statements have been made such as, “If you all leave the group, you will get your children back.”

Where is the FREEDOM of molding your own life or belief in that?