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Tuesday 04 August 2015

After nearly two years since the violent removal of Haninah and Ishah from their family, today it was announced that by order of 07.31.2015, the District Court Nördlingen has returned to the parents the right to determine where their children live and what medical care their two daughters, ages 10 and 13 years, receive. The children are to be surrendered immediately to the parents, they can finally go home!

The District Court Nördlingen had to realize that, as submitted by us for years, no present danger to the children’s welfare exists.

When asked about the repatriation, the expert pointed out that of what is known, a sustainable child welfare risk is not ascertainable.

Currently, as the experts continued, no damage can be found in the children.

“However, there is a risk that at some point they will no longer stand it [in the institution], including risks for their social development.

The rights to determine where their children live and what health care they receive was therefore to be returned without restrictions to the children’s parents.

Download this paper in German: “An Open Letter from the Schott Family to the Family Court Judge in Nördlingen.”

Let these girls be signs of hope and cause the dam to break free for the other children, too, who yearn to be set free from state custody.