In Sus, France

After the mid-June raid, our friends and faithful customers come every day to the farm stand to express their loyal support. Happy to find us smiling and peaceful still, we came to realize that their respect towards us increased. Many exhort us “Don’t ever give up!”

Last First Day (Sunday) we had organized an “Open House” event for our neighbors. Many of them came with their children to enjoy this special day. Our Father had set a reasonably cool temperature, the sun shining from behind the clouds, so we could eat outside and carry on with the different activities offered to our guests. We felt blessed.

Ruben lunchA scorching heat like the day before or after would have been unbearable for everybody. It was like a foretaste of the eternal springtime! We welcomed people for a tour of our property, to follow the children’s treasure hunt, taste crepes and rustic “Chef Salade,” ending up with plenty of ice cream from our new machine, play volley ball, witness the Parable of the Sower skit outside, the children’s orchestra… and have a good time of fellowship altogether.

Ruben children 2We could answer with confidence the questions of those interested to know more about us, being thankful that we belong to the greatest King of the earth and the universe. More than fifty people came, many of them having known us for quite some years. It was nice to welcome our friend the lawyer, who has helped us for many years.

Sus3In an interview for a local newspaper just after the raid, he said that we were “indeboulonnable” (unmovable) and that even if our job sites would be destroyed, there will always be other ones resurrected somewhere else… sounds like he was speaking of the Stone Kingdom!