Please stop telling your children…

Hagen PoliceTranslation

Please stop telling your children that we’ll come and get them if they are not well-behaved. Your children should come to us when they are scared… and should not be afraid of us. Thanks!

Why this Facebook post by the Police of Hagen, Germany?

Well, a policeman heard a mother in a supermarket threaten her child that the police would come take him away. Kept reaching for chocolate bars, it seems…


Was it another annoying child in April, when the good police of Hagen made a similar post, reports N-tv:

In April, there had been a similar entry. At that time the police in Hagen had advertised their Open House in June and especially parents with children were invited. The children were then assured that the police would never to get “bad children”.

We certainly do not. We are your friend and helper. The police are always there for you. You don’t need to be afraid of us, but quite the opposite.





Why would parents call the police? 

It’s just a simple matter to correct the child, right? But what if the child does not receive the parent’s correction, as the child wanting his chocolate did not listen to his mother? What is she to do then? This scenario plays out everyday across the industrialized world and will only become more and more common in the future. 

Could the reason German parents are calling the police be found in the German Civil Code of Law, specifically Section 1631?

Civil Code

Book 4 — Family Law (§§ 1297 1921 )
Section 2 Relationship (§§ 1589 1772 )
Title 5 Parental responsibility (§§ 1626 1698b)    

§ 1631


(1) The persons concerned in particular have the obligation and the right to maintain the child, to educate, to supervise, and to determine his residence.

(2) Children have a right to non-violent upbringing. Physical punishment, psychological injuries, and other humiliating measures are prohibited.

(3) The family court has to support parents at the request in the exercise of custody, in appropriate cases. [Original German at dejure.org.]

Do parents in Germany, especially mothers, sense that they have no authority — not even in their own families? Is not that why they are calling the police? Doesn’t there have to be some authority? 

But they know – as our example and many others have shown them – that if they discipline their children to teach them right from wrong, to have self-control, and to respect themselves and others that they become lawbreakers. They face the very real threat of having their children taken from them.

If not parents, whose word will stand in the child’s life? No one’s? Or that of the policeman and policewoman?

And then what?

Did you not know that mothers who just ask for help often end up losing their children?

For example, a mother who requires the help of a housekeeper or nanny twice a week, is often considered overloaded. In order to justify her request for help she says that she is overloaded. One of the most frequent justifications of the Jugendamt to remove a child from the family is the fact that the mother is overloaded. Thus, she loses her child. — Jacy Raduan-Berger

Yes, to their sorrow, many German parents have found that to be under stress and needing help can end up with the Jugendamt taking their children from them. Read the page, “The Jugendamt,” for more details and the grim statistics.1

Whatever will keep parents who call the police for their unruly children from losing them to the Jugendamt? Restraint on the part of the Jugendamt, perhaps? Seizing disobedient children would create a chaotic cycle of mistrust of all authority that would be detrimental to society as a whole…not to mention to maintaining law and order. Is that not why the police of Germany are concerned about this new “parenting” trend?

And where to now?

So, everyone must just live with disobedient, disrespectful children screaming their desires out to the world continually, it seems. That’s the future.

“Thankfully” there are drugs to pacify children once they get to school, and one can give them a little screen to capture their attention. Parents are doing it from the nursery on in America, and probably everywhere modern western ideas and technology have penetrated.

The ability to live self-centered, independent lives, even from one’s own family members, is ever growing. Parents will really be little needed in the society of the future, just as radical theorists like Simone de Beauvoir have hoped. From an earlier post entitled, “When women did not have that choice,” comes the following quote of a conversation between the American, Betty Friedan, and the French woman, Simone de Beauvoir:

Freedom of choice? Not in de Beauvoir’s ideal world:

In response to Friedan’s thoughts that wives and mothers should be reimbursed for their housework if they choose to stay at home and take care of her children, de Beauvoir responded as follows. Read her words carefully, they live on in full force in the minds of ideologues the world over, especially in the United Nations, the European Union, and Germany.


No, we don’t believe that any women should have this choice.

“No women should be authorized to stay at home to raise her children.

“Society should be totally different.

“Women should not have that choice, precisely because if there is such a choice, too many women will make that one.

“It is a way of forcing women in a certain direction.

 A global reform of society

So the vision is revealed: a worldwide society without choice, without freedom, with only the path available prescribed by one’s betters. de Beauvoir reveals the true goal of communists, a world where there is no iron curtain an outraged citizenry can tear down. But one day there was an iron curtain, and before it was torn down, as these ideologues know, women had no choice there, either. There was only one image of humanity to conform to. . . shaped by thinkers like them.



  1. Ms. Raduan-Berger’s report makes up Section II of the page: “Insights into the Jugendamt’s History, Functioning, and Finances.”