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What separated our children from their parents?

Was it love or hate?

A picture is worth a thousand words, the old saying goes. How much is this picture worth?

Levis familyYou may not recognize everyone in it. The smiling woman to the left we know as Hadashah, and the man to the right as Levi. They are the parents of the Hennigfeld family. Between them are their precious children. The girl to the left with the beautiful long hair, is their daughter in state custody, and the older boy, with his hair parted in the middle, is their son, also in state custody. Their names are Shalomah and Shamah.

In between them is their little sister, born very recently. Her name is Sekel Anah. She is not in state custody, and the parents had to overcome great fear to bring her into Germany to see her big brother and big sister. You would think, wouldn’t you, that this is just a happy family portrait? Perhaps of a family visiting a farm, just spending the day together…very much in love and secure with one another. You would not think anything else.

You would not dream that this precious family was brutally ripped 
apart by the state power of German based ON NOT ONE THING AGAINST 

How this visit affected their children, and others.

In their own words: “Our children received such a boost of encouragement, and not just our children loved the goats and the time they could be together, but also Mr. S. from the youth department was deeply touched. Seeing our children together with their little sister Sekel, and the two week-old baby goats softened something in this man. He started telling us that he grew up on a farm and likes animals a lot.”

Read the post, “Hennigfeld Family Before the Courtto understand the issues involved. That post closes with these thoughtful words:

“The Jugendamt lets all exculpatory information about us go unnoticed. Most of the so-called sect commissioners are members of the large state churches and are therefore biased against our community of faith. Together with the media (RTL & Co) working together with dropouts give again distorted and one-sided views of our life in the community that can not be transferred to our family.

“Perhaps the law requires for this reason:

The enjoyment of civil and political rights, eligibility for public office, and rights acquired in the public service are independent of religious denomination. No one from his membership or non-membership of a confession or a conviction shall suffer prejudice to his person. (Art. 33, paragraph 3 of the Basic Law)

“No one has the right to judge the religion or belief of another. This is enshrined in law. The reason is that nobody can be a competent witness to the religion of his neighbors. This is perfectly logical, but in our case, this law is not applied. In reality, it is our belonging to the Twelve Tribes that is the only reason we have been robbed of our children.”