A reader comment on the radical injustice done to our children by the state and social services of Bavaria.1

In contrast to a few blows with a rod, this is a continuous torture—one that causes lifelong damage to the children!

Her Comment:2

It is incomprehensible, that so many authorities keep silent in this matter, and say nothing about the injustice, that happened to the children and parents of the Twelve Tribes here. Maybe they even think, that injustice will become justice if they uphold it long enough? This can not even be justified with the reason: it takes time to do all the investigations. They truly did enough of that!

Although they did not find any sound reasons to take the children, they still have the attitude: It can’t be that we made a mistake. But WE did make a mistake!

How long will people just watch—just be onlookers? How much time will be whiled away, while the damage in the souls of the children gets bigger and deeper?

Who of the responsible ones has not long ago realized that the measures are and were completely exaggerated?

Will there finally be somebody that is ashamed? Someone who wants to put an end to this suffering, to be able to look at themselves in the mirror again?

Does no one of the responsible ones have children themselves and can imagine, what these wrong decisions actually mean?

Who is supposed to be protected by upholding this unjust situation? Surely not the children!

What kind of “intertwined groupings” work so hard here? Political alliances? All of them are horrible…

I beg the responsible ones, the decision-makers, to have the courage and to finally say: Stop! This was a mistake…

Anyways, the suffering of these children and the pain of the parents should accompany and affect these people in their holidays, in their dreams, just at all times, when they are happy with their own family… because you feel so good and so righteous… when you fulfill the norms of the crowdisn’t that the case?

Also, those who think differently and act differently than you are loving parents!

All you silent powerful ones: do something finally! Don’t you also have a conscience, don’t you feel: what is right and what is wrong? In contrast to a few blows with a rod, this is a continuous tortureone that causes lifelong damage to the children!

Is there not ONE that has the guts to oppose this injustice that has happened? I just beg you: just do it. The suffering has gone on way too long already..

Romana Nyffenegger



  1. Original German in the July 15, 2015 post, “Es ist nicht verständlich.”
  2. Her comment on the post, “Children without Parents…Unbelievable