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Raid on the Twelve Tribes community in France

In the beginning of the year 2014 an apostate raised charges against the community because his wife did not want to leave the community together with him and also did not want to have contact with him anymore. Out of revenge he swore to destroy the community and spread horror stories. The prosecution was ordered to investigate the allegations and after a year of investigations the well prepared massive action took place in the early morning hours of 16 June 2015.

At 3 o’clock in the morning 200 policemen in about 60 vehicles stormed the property with the necessary “court decisions” for a thorough search and the seizure of all children under 15 years old. The communal gathering hall was transformed to a temporary investigation office.


All buildings were surrounded, the present persons were woken up and had to stay in their living quarters. All rooms were searched for money and other interesting items concerning the allegations:

  • violence against minors
  • child labor
  • psychological pressure – “brain washing”
  • tax fraud
  • money laundering
  • fraud

Ten adults (6 men and 4 women) were taken into custody: the alleged responsible persons, the heads of the company and the book keepers and one couple with four children where they assumed problems.

Judges, prosecutors and criminal police were there and took pictures, filmed and searched everything. Medical officers examined all 52 children and no signs of abuse were found. On the four children of the family which was taken into custody supposedly signs of physical discipline were found and the children were placed temporarily into an institution. None of the other children were taken because there were no signs of violence against the children. Some older children were still questioned single but could only tell wonderful stories about their families and their life in the community.

The ten persons that were brought to the police and questioned for investigation purposes were released the same day. Yesterday, which is only two weeks later, a hearing was held for the parents of those four children, as is customary for emergency proceedings when children are involved. At the hearing, French social services recommended that all four children be returned home to their parents in the community at Tabitha’s Place. The judge immediately released the children to go home to their parents.

At the raid when the 4 children were taken, 48 other children from numerous families were examined by doctors, and NO signs of abuse were found at all. To their credit, French officials conducted the examinations in the parents’ living quarters so as not to traumatize the children!

The social workers of the German Jugendamt liked to talk to the judge during the current hearings about this event in France because they thought that it aided in confirming their attitude towards the community. Truth of the matter is that this raid aided in making the point that we are trying to make and that we claim that the Jugendamt did not proceed legally on 5. September 2013. It becomes more and more clear that this raid was initiated based on media pressure and that it was done without any legal foundation. The French officials were so much more professional in what they did…