How do our children regard all that has happened?

In this report by Hannah and Havah Krumbacher of a visit with their sister, Merea, you can understand something profound about the New Covenant heart our Father gives us who surrender all to Him.

Several months ago…

“We were thankful for our last visit with Merea in the orphanage where she lives. We had it on our hearts to take some lambs to her to encourage her. So we took two lambs and two Nubian kids. It happened to be a nice opportunity to invite all the children there to come. The educators were also very interested to see the animals, so they called the other children outside.

“We were also very happy to be able to see Abijah’s girls, Haninah and Ishah who endure in the same orphanage. They also came over and all of the children enjoyed feeding the milk to the kids and pet the lambs. It was nice to reach out to the other children also, even just to show a little interest in them.

You can see how they are socially neglected and how they long for love and a place to belong. It is sad to see all these lonely and starving young souls without a future and purpose for their lives. I thought, we are their only hope and I believe that there’s a reason why our children are in this orphanage so long. If these children could one day remember the love and find a true home and family it would all be worth it.

“Some girls said, “Oh, Haninah told us so much about Klosterzimmern and that you have a lot of animals there….” She seemed very interested and well informed about where we come from.


“When it was time for us to put the goats back in the vehicle, the children begged the educators if we could please stay longer and get the lambs out again. Well, our time was almost up so they all jumped in the back of our truck with the animals for a photo.”