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Tabitha'sPlaceDuring a raid on the Community at Tabitha’s Place, in Sus, France, authorities had taken four children into temporary state custody.

On July 1, the parents had a reasonable summary proceeding two weeks after the 3 a.m. raid of June 16, 2015, on Tabitha’s Place. This hearing is a customary proceeding in the nation of France, where the due process of law is observed, and the children were returned to their parents.

In a remarkable parallel to the German Raid of 5 September 2013, the other 48 children of the Community in France were examined by a panel of three doctors and no abuse whatsoever was found. This was just the same results as the 40 children of Klosterzimmern and Wörnitz communities showed.1

Unlike Germany, where the objective evidence of healthy, un-abused children with deep attachments to their parents made no difference, the children of the Community in France were not taken into custody.




  1. Now, when the damage has long been done to the reputation of the parents, even the courts admit that fact: “The court (OLG Nürnberg – higher regional Court of Nuremberg) in its ruling admits that there is no evidence of abuse in the children. On the day of the seizure by the state the doctor found that no signs of physical or any other kind of abuse; the courts could neither find any damage.” See the post, “About the permanent loss of Custody by Decision of the Higher Regional Court Nuremburg.”