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Nördlingen, June 23rd 2015

The district court of Nördlingen discontinues the procedures against the parents of the early Christian community “Twelve Tribes” with the decisions from June 12th (delivered on June 18th) and June 12th (delivered on June 19th) because of the lack of danger for both of the youth. The full rights remain with the parents. The authorities stirred up by Fecris are increasingly in distress to account for their rash raid against the community.

An endangerment of both of the youth could not be proven neither through the expert called upon nor any kind of piece of evidence – simply because neither was there danger in the past nor would their be any danger expected in the future for both of the youth. It must be cleared up in a public liability procedure why an obvious discontinuation of the procedure was refused for two months.

The recorded videos by the RTL-reporter Wolfram Kuhnigk that were supposed to prove the alleged “systematic” abuse of children of the community, turned out to be manipulated material. Through the psychological from November 24th 2014 the well known English video forensics expert Ian McArthur comes to the conclusion that the video material is processed:


“It is my opinion after over two days of analysis that these videos have certainly been edited in that the running order has been stated incorrectly for the 6 ‘Under Gathering Room’ video clips and the file (time and date modified) data is incorrect and misleading. Also, the start point of all the video clips has been intentionally chosen, as opposed to any form of motion sensing technology. The jumps/breaks I believe are technical errors due to the chosen recording media rather than intentional…”

The expert comes to the conclusion that there’s “strong indications” that the material was edited:

It is my opinion based on my work that there is strong support that the material has been edited.

This clearly contradicts Wolfram Kuhnigk’s statement, that the material given to the courts are unedited.

If the expert could have a close look at the original data files and not mere (copies of) copies, even more indications and proofs with even stronger conclusions could be given. In this there is a failure of the courts, for they never demanded these proofs.


Debecca cuthttp://foref.info/zwoelf-staemme-verfahren-bei-zwei-familien-eingestellt-beweisvideo-manipuliert/



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