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In the Augsberg Allgemeine in the first week of June, 2015, Mr. Beyschlag, director of the Nördlingen District Court, said that he will sue the Twelve Tribes because of the posters two of our teenagers carried in the Stabenfest on May 25. It is hard to understand why because Mr. Beyschlag had nothing to do with these posters.


One poster made it clear that in 1939 all German children belonged to the Führer (leader). That poster clearly shows a happy and proud German girl and the caption says, “You, too, belong to the Führer.”1

There is nothing mentioning the Nazis or comparing Mr. Beyschlag to Hitler — nothing at all. The issue is not about the Nazis or Mr. Beyschlag.

Auch Du gehörst..-1

You also belong to the Führer

The poster had nothing to do with Mr. Beyschlag, but with the fact that the German government considers children as their own property, even though it is a country that calls itself democratic and supposedly protects human rights.

The point is: Who owns the children – the state or the parents?

Our children were actually taken in the September 5, 2013 Raid against their will and are now imprisoned already for 20 months in youth welfare institutions and in foster families.

The title of the second poster says, “You also belong to the state.” The teenagers that carried these posters can witness to this because they experienced it themselves. They had thought they had the right to live with their family, but the court and the youth welfare office “put them right.”

These girls think that the German people should know the truth about what the family court and the youth welfare office of Nördlingen Donau-Ries do in the name of child protection.The believe that the German should know about what the family court and the youth welfare office of Nördlingen Donau-Ries do on behalf of minors.

The families are not treated individually and it does not proceed in an appropriate manner, if there was actually sufficient suspicion for child endangerment. Instead, all the children were arbitrarily removed their families due to the faith of their parents. This is religious persecution.

Most children are now being held for nearly two years without a fair hearing, in which it is determined whether their removal is still necessary. In all cases there is absolutely no sign of any damage: on the day of the raid the doctors found no evidence of child endangerment. Why did they not sent them home to their parents that same day, as it had been promised to the children by the authorities, if they would cooperate?https://newsdotzwoelfstaemmedotorg.files.wordpress.com/2014/09/pso.jpg

Raid on Klosterzimmern 5 September 2013.

Both posters criticized the state control of children. It is exactly that, which these young girls have protested against, because they personally experienced it, being in state custody and foster care by the youth welfare office until they managed to escape. Why can they not say it now?2

We will soon publish the opinion of one of these girls, in which she explains why she did that. Then you can make a judgment yourself. It is not about Mr. Beyschlag, but about the welfare of children.

The Twelve Tribes children who are still in state custody against their will, for them there is no doubt, that children still belong to the state. They indeed remain separate from their parents without a fair, speedy procedure.


Although the medical officers did not find any evidence of any hazard, injury, or abuse with the children, Mr. Beyschlag claimed the opposite during the press conference on September 5, 2013, to the public. Why did he not told you that there was no evidence of child endangerment?

So that is, what the leaflet with the image of Mr. Beyschlag was about, which we handed out. The picture was taken at this press conference. We published nothing untrue or twisted in it. The medical report is in the court files. But to this day, the court has not recognized the truth of it. So it is already proved since the police raid on 5 September 2013, that is from the very beginning of the proceedings.

Beyschlag flyer 1

In this flier, nothing is mentioned about the Third Reich. It should only inform the public about the fact that Mr. Beyschlag has concealed the results actually found. By concealing important facts in the press conference, he also put the community in a bad light. He has nowhere mentioned the results of the medical examination, but only spread the unaudited statements of ex-members from a family court process, which is normally not public in order to protect the children and to avoid that those affected have to suffer under false suspicion.

Since the Family Court does not have the expertise to assess mental child endangerment and because the doctors could not confirm physical child endangerment, there is good reason to ask, “Why are the children still being held in custody?”

Why has the court waited for one and a half years in order to arrange an expert opinion for the children, although it was already in its power immediately after the seizure? The appeals court of Munich has raised the same question. So it is not only parents of the Twelve Tribes who are asking now:

Is a fair trial and respect of the command of  speedy trial at all possible?

The Munich Higher Regional Court confirmed this concern.

What happened to the children during that 18 months? The Youth Welfare Office has tried everything to incite the children against their parents, against their faith, and against their way of life, and to control their thinking, and Family Court Nördlingen has allowed this to go on despite countless requests from the parents.



  1. They were called then “Hitler Youth”. Germany’s youth and Hitler’s youth were synonymous, at least in law. The poster said nothing about the persecution of the Jews by the Nazis. (That insinuation was made by Jan Kandzora, Augsburger Allgemeine on June 3, 2015, not by Community members.)
  2. The Twelve Tribes’ girl on the poster remains in state custody despite there being no evidence whatsoever against her. That is why she says, “Still today, children belong to the state.” She knows from her first-hand experience.