What does the District Court Director Nördlingen find wrong with our flyer?

Director of the court Nördlingen

presses charges against “Twelve Tribes”

This could be read in different press reports the first week of June. It was by no means our intention to offend Helmut Beyschlag. But we want to give the public the opportunity to be objectively informed. We try to bring to light the truth that the authorities are silent about. That is also why we now want to print the flyer here that enraged the director of the local court so much, so that you can come to your own judgment…

What we are posting is not a personal attack on Mr. Beyschlag but is our attempt to hold a public official accountable for his words and his actions through our freedom of speech. He has a duty to the public and the public has a right to exercise their right of free speech through the press (our blog).


What facts has Court Director Herr Beyschhlag concealed from you, …

but he should have told you!


The temporary court order, to take all minors of the Religious Community Twelve Tribes out of their families, was especially based on film and sound recordings, of so called “Spanking scenes”, statements of 7 ex-members witnesses, and a proposal of the head of the Jugendamt, Alfred Kanth. Due to this information they expected a real horror scenario at the raid on Sept.5,2013.

At least that is how district court director Beyschlag described it to the gathered media representatives at the following press conference in the district office. And that is how it was communicated to the public by the media. The religious community Twelve Tribes was stigmatized as the “clubbing sect”, before the parents or the children were ever heard. Instead of finding horribly abused children with bloody stripes, haematomas, open wounds etc., the only evidence they found was some rods and physically sound and healthy children. An immediate examination by an medical officer provided no evidence of a child endangerment.

Indeed this information was not passed on to the media representatives at the press conference in Donauwörth on Sept.5,2013.

(Augsburger Allgemeine)

After Mr. Beyschlag made such statements about an ongoing proceeding, it makes you wonder, what he said recently to our press release: “It is hard for him to understand how from non-public sessions and files, press releases could come about.”

(Augsburger Allgemeine)

Our press release referred to the recent decision of the Higher Regional Court, which reproved the faults of the district court Nördlingen.

A decision can be published by the concerned person at any time. Ongoing proceedings, on the other hand, should be handled with discretion to protect the affected person.

Are double standards being applied?



What the Higher Regional Court has to say about the District Court Nördlingen:

Considering the background of a more than 1 ½ year long separation of the child from the parents based only on a temporary regulation in an urgent procedure of the temporary order and based on the fact that in the main proceeding the taking of evidence that was already decided in December 2013 has not yet begun we see reason to indicate the following:


The great load of the family court which the senate is well aware of cannot be given as reason in a proceeding of the separation of children and their parents.(…)

b. The command to speedy trial in custody proceeding (…)has presently special significance because the danger has to be considered that alone through the length of the proceeding that is already more than 1 ½ years facts are created that make the return of the child to the parents more and more difficult, child and parents are being alienated and another interference into the environment of the child which could again bring the child in grave conflicts. In face of these possible consequences for the psychological development of the child the duration of the proceeding so far is alarming.


At the same time and parallel thereto the court has to immediately lead the other necessary, extensive investigations among other according to the task of the court (…) especially the hearing of witnesses for the individual present case.

(excerpts from the decision of the Higher Regional Courts from 20.04.2015)

So it is clear that the witnesses, that would relieve the parents, were not heard at all.

Did you know, that the legislators intended a withdrawal of custody as the very last measure, and even then only after evaluating what is better for the children, to stay with the parents or to be brought into institutions? For more than 20 months now, no proof of either physical nor mental damage on our children has been or could have been offered. That is why the proceedings are being delayed, because they are still trying to find damage that was never there. Whereas a separation of the family is always connected to severe traumatic damage.



Quote from Mr. Beyschlag:

Beyschlag emphasized that the rapid decision of the court has nothing to do with it, that it is about a cult, “The measures take place for the well being of the children only.”

Augsburger Allgemeine online Sept.5,2013

Is this proceeding still about the well being of the children?

It is shocking for us to see, that the media withholds these and other unburdening information from you. Please use the opportunity to contact us, to be able to gain an objective picture. We are available for conversations with you at all times. You are always warmly invited to our farm and to our farm store. You can also find file excerpts and more information on our store front in Reimlinger Str.9 in Nördlingen.

Also the international human rights organization FOREF offers an objective report about our case:

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