A letter from someone who knows us personally

Dr. Richterin Roser

Richter Krüger

Landrat Stefan Rößle

Alfred Kanth

Dr. Peter Hell

Willi Leopold

Landtagsabgeordneter Wolfgang Fackler

Dear All,

My name is Cesar Camacho, and I’m writing you from Buenos Aires – Argentina. Since August 2013, when my son Juan Pablo Camacho, decided to join the Community the Twelve Tribes of Israel in General Rodriguez Province of Buenos Aires, I learned of the existence of the Community.

They have shown at all times to be exemplary in every way. I have attended their weekly meetings, and have stayed overnight in their house, called “Menucha”. I have always been treated with respect and affection, from all: adults and adolescents and children. I found a full Peace I continue to carry on in my life.

My son, Juan Pablo, has found his place in the world, living in Community with brothers of his new life. I have visited other houses in the Community and met in all the same idea, the same meaning for life, work, respect, and love for their brothers. It’s a surprise to see how they educate their children. They are not envious of the society where all can see every day child trafficking, sexual abuse, labor abuse, etc.

No all use the Laws of the Civilized World since the Rights of the Child are often neglected.

At the beginning I had my preconceptions, and even I believed that they were a sect. Today I see that all these doubts were unfounded, and that is the best place that my son has chosen to live.

When I find out what happens to children in Germany (Klosterzimmern), I remain bewildered. It is totally unfair that they have been ripped from their parents. It is an abuse that I can not get into my head. As mature and high as the German society is, it has removed the children as criminals. They have rights and honor, and by those Rights they should return them to their homes.

I will pray and ask God to enlighten you and stop the damage, much damage, that you are causing.

Thank you,

C. H. C.