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And he will turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers, lest I come and strike the earth with a curse. Malachi 4:6

Being taken captive by the State of Germany made this turning difficult, but not impossible. Being set free by their own courage in escaping bondage – their own personal reenactment of Israel leaving Egypt – made it possible. But the actual doing entailed the deep turning in each heart, parent and child, that love demands but cannot compel. Only those who belong to Him can take comfort in this promise, “He will turn the hearts.”

Two of those who belong to him are Nechonah, the daughter of Sharat and Sh’mariyah, and Schifchat-Jah, the daughter of Shua. They have experienced, against all the power of German society, this very turning. They are thankful. Here are their words, and the words of their parents. Truly, like Abraham and his seed, they have become “daughters of the commandment” (bat mitzvah).



Nechonah’s song is very revealing of what they have gone through:

Verse 1:

When the baby eagle is pushed off the cliff

he has to come to have no fear

absolutely trusting, having confidence

that his mother would catch him.

Chorus 1:

Our Father saw it was time to push

us off the nest.

We had to come to have no fear –

absolutely trusting Him, having

confidence that He would catch us


Being gone from under your care was

a hard suffering,

waiting on our Father

you fell into His hands

and He returned me again.

Chorus 2:

The struggle is not over – we have a

lesson to learn.

He knows the right timing

to bring about His will

His greatest desire is: we would fly

without fear.

Verse 2:

Thank you for being my wonderful examples.

I want to follow in your steps,

taking on your heart and running with it.

I want to honor you.

From her parents

I’m very thankful for my precious daughter Nechonah. She is a very courageous girl, overcoming whatever separates her from our Father’s life. She ran away two times out of state custody. She also waited patiently for the day of her Bat Mitzvah. Before the raid I had already started to prepare her, but even after she returned it still took more than a year until her heart could be confirmed in a covenant with our Master. She went through many tests in this time, but she always trusted, patiently waiting for the right time. Our Father honored the courageous stand she took with salvation. Shall He not much more deliver her from the hand of the German government?! We continue to trust.

Sharat & Sh’marjah


Shifchat-Jah-ShuaI am very thankful I could make a covenant with our Master and with you all at my Bat Mitzvah. I am one of the children who escaped the orphanage and I am still on the run.

Still our Father saw my heart and prepared a way for me to become a true Bat Mitzvah, together with my friends Nechonah and Hannah, daughter of Kepha.

Since Nechonah and I were out in the world for half a year, we were also used to the culture of the world which is, especially, disrespectful to parents. I am thankful for the people who, before the Bat Mitzvah, saw what we struggled with and helped us to see it. I was very thankful that our Father was merciful and that we could change and be different when we saw it, but still I knew that I could only truly overcome it by our Master’s grace. I am thankful that the Holy Spirit will help me to overcome my iniquities.

I am also thankful for my friend Besorah, Abijah’s daughter who taught me that the Bat Mitzvah will only be a ritual if there is anything in my heart that I didn’t confess.

Greetings to all my friends,


From a thankful Imma (mother)

I am so thankful for the wonderful heart of my daughter, who – no matter what we went through the past 1 1⁄2 years – never wavered in her steadfast desire to be “where my family and my home” is.

Out here I see a lot of damaged souls – some of them don’t even know how they can continue living – but I am thankful to know a place where healing is…” she wrote in one of her early letters from the institution she was taken to. When her dear companion Debeqah was released, but not her, life got increasingly unbearable for her and her pleas to social workers, lawyers and judges became more and more urgent to let her go. As all her hopes turned out to be of no avail, a sprout of faith yet started taking root in her, that despite her young age and the seemingly invincible environment she was in, our Father could give her grace to find a way to escape… trusting that our Father would protect her. (See her “Open Letter to Judge Frau Roser” for the reasons why.)

Once at home, life has never been the same. We have seen the deliverance of our Father, His sovereign protection – He has hid her in His palm, not allowing one hair to be touched. It is such a miracle.

“Love is our home,” has come true in so many ways, as we met His love in His people in various places and it’s because of this love that we found that healing and rest also to our souls. Even to the point where Schifchat-Jah’s heart would not only turn to her parents, but also to our Master in a greater way.

Giving our brothers and sisters the authority in our lives to guide our path has led us in many ways through uncharted wilderness – only to find the springs of eternal life that we reach in Yahshua and

I know it wasn’t mystical for Schifchat-jah to meet the requirements of the gospel in her life to leave everything behind – her homeland, possessions, even her own family in order to obtain the pearl of great price. Nothing could stop her from expressing again and again: I want this life, the Twelve Tribes are my home, and I need Yahshua to save me from my iniquities.

It is such a great and awesome miracle to me that our Abba could bring this about, greater than all I expected and I am so thankful for restoration and the sweet fellowship I can enjoy with my daughter again and again because we have forgiveness. I know we could have never reached this milestone without precious true friends who stood with us and who encouraged us step by step – it was our Father who led us all the way so far, from minchah to minchah (our daily gatherings together, morning and evening, to give thanks and praise to His name), and it gives me much hope that He will continue and finish what He began with all of us.

I want to especially thank all our very special friends in other places for your love for us – you are all very dear to us and we are forever bonded to you in our hearts. Thank you all for your wisdom and great loving kindness – every single one of you; we love you so much… and so we press on to learn to run together, side by side… your friends forever in Yahshua.

Shuah and Schifchat-Jah

In closing

So we see that love is stronger than hate, especially the love of parents for their children and children for their parents. It was not love for the children that separated them from their parents! Such love between parents and children as these families have is the natural result of parents turning their heart to their children and fulfilling Proverbs 13:24:

“Whoever spares the rod hates his son, but he who loves him is diligent to discipline him.”

Children naturally and instinctively recognize such discipline as love. Our Father made them that way. Equally, they know the lack of discipline as hate. Rebellion is the natural response to such hatred. No law can undo the truth of human nature or alter the unchanging reality of the Word of God.