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A very important and updated post

The truth about our children, who told you no

The following is an account from one of the families of the children ripped from their homes on September 5, 2013. These two girls have been held in Jugendamt temporary custody for over 20 months without any main hearing (which is against the law, against the Child Protection Act). The reports of officials who examined the children and filed reports to Judge R. Nordlingen District Court, and from the children themselves prove the well-being of these children.

The Court has ignored these compelling findings and continues, along with the high officials of the Donauwörth Jugendamt (youth services), to deliberately deceive the public deliberately that the Community in Klosterzimmern is bad, that the parents are bad, and that the teachings are bad. This creates at atmosphere of what sociologists of religion call “moral panic” — a deliberate effort by governments to cause the public to fear minority religions.

Yet the children evidence nothing but good in their persona lives and in their interactions with others,

except for the clear evidence of trauma from the separation from their parents.

This is religious persecution, if anyone cares to face the truth.

The question still arises: Can a bad tree bear good fruit?

Besorah01The reports of all the other parents and children are similar and have been written and spoken to the District Court Nördlingen and many representatives of the youth office. In response these officials do nothing. In the meantime they violate the law by making every effort to turn our children away from their own faith, their parents, their culture, and their way of life. They are forcibly kept away from their parents, although they have repeatedly expressed the desire to be with them. (Destroying families by taking children away from parents is outlawed by the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide.1)

  • At no time prior to the taking into care, has the appropriate youth office personnel (Jugendamt) visited us or checked with our family to see if the accusations against us could possibly be true. In fact, there were no accusations against our family personally, which could be read in the files of the Jugendamt, which actually only started on September 1, 2013!

  • Very noteworthy, however, is the medical certificate of our family physician of Nördlingen, whom Besorah visited just after her release in December 2013. He speaks of a psychological state of emergency, psychogenic gastric pain and overstrain syndrome.3 This is something that would have been spared our then 14-year-old daughter if she had not experience the trauma of being taken into “care” by the state. Which party abused and injured my daughter? Was it not the State? 

  • Letter from another doctor, dated September 30, 2014, which clarifies my children’s state:

P1120757“In the meantime, I have made contact with the physicians, pediatricians, dentists, orthodontists, and psychologists who are concretely and regularly attending the community. After detailed, technical discussions on the issues of punishment, maltreatment, personality damage, and the ability of the medical care we came to the unanimous conclusion that there is not even a hint of evidence in any of these areas suggesting damage in physical, psychological or educational terms.

We keep hereby explicitly state that we have children physically and psychologically only exceptionally well-developed — unlike in our professional practice. To the parents of the children we unanimously certify parental medical care which is far above the average.”

  • Enclosed also writing of the children by the Jugendamt psychotherapist from September 15, 2014 who came to the conclusion that our Community is quite capable to raise up happy people who are viable in our society. He talks about our young people and also about his impressions of Besorah (now 16) and viewed her and the others to be extremely confident and balanced.

  • Statement of the children’s lawyer on November 17, 2013:

About Ishah:

“It was her greatest desire to be allowed to return home, she misses their parents very much.”

About Chaninah:

…”Chaninah appeared at first glance talking quite cheerfully and unburdened, but then broke pretty quickly into tears when we came to speak to the fact that she lives even now currently separated from their parents.DSCN1698

Chaninah fiercely sobbed and announced she would be back with her parents absolutely as soon as possible. She described herself as very desperate; they miss their parents very much, with whom they had previously and always been together. Besorah, who is 14 years old, and who otherwise looked very very mature and grown up, was in a similar emotional state…In any case she wants to live in the Community with her beloved parents. Her greatest desire to be as quickly as possible back with her parents.

Chaninah seemed to be from the forced taking into care by the state very insecure and helpless and anxious. All three girls spoke with a lot of longing and love about their parents. I have no doubt that the children have grown up in an environment with a lot of security and care shown by their parents and by other members of the Community. For me there is no doubt that the children love their parents very much and that they suffer from the separation, very severely sometimes.”


Your honor Herr Rößle,

I plead with you that this letter will be considered.

I want to go home!

The Jugendamt wants to convince me and tell me that I am doing better here in the home than at home. This is a lie! I can not live without my parents! It breaks something in my soul when I am separated from my parents.

This also goes against the law! Because in the law it says that children have the right to live with their parents. I want to go home again. I won’t give up, as long as I am not at home. The best place from my whole life was with my parents. I know this! I will hold on to this hope, that we will come home! I want to make it clear to you that I want to go home!

Many greetings and thank you very much,

Chaninah Schott


Honorable Stefan Rössle, at home, with his family.

  •   The children’s lawyer wrote on September 4, 2014:

“In this conversation she (Chaninah) stated her desire to return completely back to Klosterzimmern.

About Ishah: ‘It would be best for them but if they could return completely.’

  •   Ishah wrote on April 26, 2015:






10 times in capital letters:

2015-04-26-ishah-an-sv-august-frenzelLearning status documents on the academic performance of our children can be found in parts of the school records of our private supplementary school in Klosterzimmern of 2005-2013, which was considered to be suitable to meet the school and compulsory vocational education in Bavaria. See the posts “Let the Record Speak” for exactly what these records say.

It is found generally positive assessments of the competent inspection authorities: The Jugendamt director, the school psychologist, the School Director and others report objectively about their good impression that they have won from our children. cropped-schott_02.jpg

  • Development Reports (October 8, 2014 to April 22, 2015) about our daughters Chaninah and Ishah from the children’s home, in which they are housed since the taking into care. Their reference teacher has verbally confirmed that the girls are “an asset to the group, because they are very social, while the children in the group very self-centered.” Please to note! They were taken into custody that way; they were not made that way in custody!

  • Chaninah’s Report of the Raid, written April 26, 2015: “Every day I hope that I’ll be home soon… And no one can replace my parents, they will always be the best parents in the world for me. I know that they love me and I have also loved !!”

  • Since the Raid, she wrote in the same report: “It feels like in a prison, never knowing when to get out and always being under observation. Every day I hope that I’ll be home soon.”

As you can plainly see, there never has been any evidence provided by the Jugendamt or the District Court to prove endangerment to the children (ages 13 and 10), who have been in temporary Jugendamt custody for over 20 months. The judge has not even set a date for the main hearing, even after being corrected severely by the Appeals Court in Munich.

But the evidence shows that these girls have been shining examples in  school, at home, and in their attitudes. These are two of the children the Youth Welfare Office says were severely abused because they were spanked. So, how how could children who were allegedly beaten daily get such glowing reports from the officials? And why do they constantly tell everyone in the foster institution, the youth welfare office, and the court that they want to go home to their parents who love them with all their heart? And why are their cries continually ignored?

Do you want to know the truth?

Would the public and the press ask the right questions… to the right people… and not those who have something to hide.


Besorah, Abiyah, Chaninah, Ishah, and Rekah Schott.

Read more about the Schott family.

  1. It is genocide according to the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, Article 2, genocide is to “d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;” and “e) forcibly transferring children of the group to another group,” thereby, with regards to the Twelve Tribes in Germany, accomplishing “c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;” not to mention the second part of “b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group.”
  2.   The judge is not an expert witness to competently judge psychological harm, yet she has kept the children almost two years with no other basis to keep them!
  3. Why was there no uproar over such abuse? Could it be that no one in the media or government or social services actually cares about our children?