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in the “Augsburger Allgemeine” on May 12, 2015 in the article, “Conflict about The Twelve Tribes” you might have seen two posters held up by two girls in the parade.

One poster showed a girl from 1939 with the title “You too belong to the Führer” and the other one was with a girl from today, and it said, “YOU TOO BELONG TO THE STATE”.

HumanRightsI just wanted to let you know: I am this girl from today and I feel exactly like on that picture. The DearReader-PhotoJugendamt and the family court treat me as if I belong to the state. Since almost two years they try to control my life – without reason.

On September 5,2013 they wrested me from my parents and the community in where I lived, with hundred police, and brought me to the District Office Donauwörth. There were police standing at every exit and in every corner. After a conversation with a social worker we were brought to an examination room. There we were examined medically by state doctors, even though we already let ourselves be examined voluntarily by state doctors in Klosterzimmern. We had to undress completely and of course they didn’t find or anything not even a scratch and I thought, we would go home right away since it was clear that we were not abused.

Imprisoned by the State!

But to my terror they transported me and one of my friends to an institution for difficult girls.

There we were put into “youth protection”…one room with nothing inside besides two beds and a little bathroom and two locked windows. The educators could only air out the room while we were eating and during that time the door was locked behind us. Before we got back to our room they locked the windows again. A real PRISON!

For the next five weeks we were completely isolated. I was not allowed to have any contact with my parents, my siblings, nor anybody else – with no friends or acquaintances, not even with my grandparents, who do not even live in the community. All my steps were controlled and watched precisely – we could not even take a walk to get fresh air.


In that time I did not get to see my parents, that was very hard for me. Finally after weeks I could phone with them for ten minutes a week, but only under supervision. The phone call was listened to and the educator told me what I could say. Afterward she had to write everything down.

Also all my letters were opened and controlled.

My letters to Judge Roser at the court of Nördlingen and to the Judge Prexl at the Higher Regional Court were never answered. Even though I made it very clear at the hearings, that I want to go back to my parents, they only wrote in the rulings that I am endangered, because I live in the community and we believe in the Bible.

I missed everything at home so much – my parents, my siblings, and our beautiful, peaceful life together. How we were together all the time, it didn’t matter what we did, we always had so much fun together. Instead I was here, locked up behind high monastery walls and I could do nothing of all what I used to do before.

After half a year I had enough of it and finally fled from the institution. When I arrived in Klosterzimmern, I was so happy and I thought that now everything could be like before – but unfortunately it was not like that!!

The Jugendamt still tries to control my life.

Constantly they come with police raids to our property and try to catch me again and return me to the institution.

Since my flight from the institution I have to live in fear all the time, that I would be brought back to where I don’t want to be.

Yes, I think I have the right to say that the state controls me, for it is exactly like what I heard about the time 75 years ago. I thought, that people changed in the meantime. It is sad to see, how history repeats itself.

It was clear to me, since the beginning, that the state wants to destroy our community. And that that state tries to do it through the children. It is like genocide.1 If you take away the children of a people, the people perishes.

Last year the Jugendamt again did a raid with hundred police, to look for me and another girl, that fled from a foster family.

The Judge from the family court Nördlingen said that they could enter every house and every room of the village, because it all belonged to the Twelve Tribes.

It is, as if the police in Nördlingen can search every house in Nördlingen, just because I belong to the Catholic church and everyone in of Nördlingen is catholic.

Can I live according to my conscience in Germany?

Why can I not at least go with my parents to a place where I can do that?

A half a year ago I invited the Jugendamt and my former supplementary guardian for a conversation, to let them know, that I am doing good and to find a solution…

They told me clearly however, that I could not live like before and that they want to continue to control my steps. But is there reasons for that? — NO! There was none and there is no reason.

I was never abused in my life by my parents. I feel abused by the Jugendamt and put under psychological stress.

My school performance in the institution showed, that I was very well educated up to that point.

Our common life and our culture was very appreciated by all thousands of people and all enjoyed it.

Yet it is not a good life for me, according to the JA.

All they could tell me was:

it is not just a problem with your family, but also with the community and because YOU belong to it, we won’t let you go free.


  1. It is genocide according to the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, Article 2, genocide is to “d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;” and “e) forcibly transferring children of the group to another group,” thereby, with regards to the Twelve Tribes in Germany, accomplishing “c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;” not to mention the second part of “b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group.”