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Observations of the school authorities concerning the well-being of the children of the Twelve Tribes for the Years 2005 through 2006:

Excerpts from the school record

of the Private Supplementary

School of Klosterzimmern

The report in German, with page citations to the specific reports, may be found at this link:  Beobachtung der Schulbehörden.

For the Year 2005:

Working Group of the Department of Interior on the enforcement of compulsory education in children of the “Twelve Tribes” in Klosterzimmern – meeting held on June 28th, 2005.

4. concerning the possible measures the Ministry of Social Affairs can take:

Alfred Kanth

Alfred Kanth, leader of the Jugendamt, who has known our children for a generation.

Mr. Kanth reported: there is no indication for engaging the Youth Office, since the children are “happy and content” …therefore, an intervention may not be justified.

Mrs. Rieser speaks about the deprivation of custody to be decided by the Family Court. According to Mr. Wittman this would be feared the most. However the Department of Justice doesn’t see any chance and because of the judicial independence there would be no way to give directive.

Bavarian Ministry of Education and Culture

Meeting of ministers held on Nov. 29th, 2005

criminality according to § 171 StBG (violation of the responsibility of care and education) not given.

Deprivation of custody (by Family Court) perhaps not possible, as no risk of child endangerment determined.


For the Year 2006:

Landrat Mr. Rößle to Mr. Ludwig Schmid, Government President on Feb. 13th, 2006 regarding:

Compulsory school attendance of the children of the Twelve Tribes Community of Believers

that this proved to be the right way, we could see in the common solution, which we found by establishing a supplementary school through the Community of Believers in Klosterzimmern.


Landrat (county chief) Stefan Rößle

Here I am particularly pleased that it focuses on the children and additionally the school jurisdiction is guaranteed.


State Office of Education in the County of Donau-Ries (June 28th, 2006)

Schooling of the school-age children of the Community in Klosterzimmern

educational concept

The educational concept (as revised on June 15th, 2006) cannot be considered as systematic but has to be seen in view of the background of the Communities basic understanding. It is constitutional…

Government of Schwaben

Expert Opinion concerning compliance with the compulsory vocational education at the Supplementary School of the association Gemeinschaftsschule in Klosterzimmern e.V. of July 26th, 2006.

At the Supplementary School in Klosterzimmern the youth who must meet the compulsory vocational education are being trained according to JoA ( vocational school-age youth without training course) just as they would be at public vocational school.

…the defined topics and lesson content of the didactic annual plans are comparable with the ones taught in public vocational school in JoA-classes.

Signed Rager

Government of Schwaben Dec. 15th, 2006 signed Huber, Government Director

Enclosed we send the comments of the State Office of Education Donau-Ries as well as the SG41 of the Government concerning raised questions regarding sector Primary school and vocational school. From this it can be seen, that the terms of KMS 2006.09.07 are being kept, that there are findings on the current educational performance of the students indicating that the instructional obligations are taken seriously and without objection that so far the school inspection was always given the opportunity to make findings on the performance.

Bavarian State Department of Education and Culture to the President of the Bavarian Parliament Mr. Alois Glück, MdL

Interim report on the agreement of the Department of Culture with the Community of Believers “Twelve Tribes” on January 15th, 2007:

the sector vocational school has been checked two times by the Government of Schwaben, in the sector Primary and High School there were 9 school and lesson inspections carried out by the State Office of Education Donau-Ries respectively by a Counseling Rector.

…All previously performed inspections concerning performance level in the sector Primary and High School for the subjects Mathematics, German and English revealed that the students mainly had average to good results, in the subject English even very good performances.

Altogether it can be noted that the school has so far met the requirements and conditions of the decision of the State Ministry of Education and Culture of Sept.7th, 2006 without any restrictions.


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