Dear Sir or Madam,

Dear members of the “Twelve Tribes,”

With dismay I have been following up on how our so-called constitutional democracy has acted against you and your community of faith.

Our legal order is being trampled underfoot here. Your children were illegally displaced and you, the victims of this arbitrary state rule beside the children, are being stigmatized as perpetrators.

Defend yourselves with a loud voice. Go public and keep your heads up. Justice is on your side and so are many citizens.

I was downright shocked about the excessive injustice against you in the reports I’ve been reading in the Rieser Nachrichten about the proceedings against your fellow brothers and sisters at the District Court of Nördlingen. In the January 21st, 2015 issue it is reported that a speeding offender in Unterfranken destroyed an entire family: father dead, mother dead, one son dead, and the second son severely injured.1 The culprit was sentenced to 10 months on probation!

In the same issue the newspaper reports on the court case against two mothers from your community. One was sentenced to 9 months and the other to 6 months on probation by Judge Schamann. For what? What about proportionality? What about equality before the courts?

The prosecuting attorney and the judge ought to be ashamed, the sensationalist RTL reporter Kuhnigk, too, who severely transgressed laws himself.

I can still vividly recall the picture that the Rieser Nachrichten published on September 11th, 2013 showing in large size supposed abuse filmed by Kuhnigk.

I see how a mother is merely performing a symbolic ritual of chastisement. She is holding a thin, short rod in her right hand and not as if to strike hard, no, she is holding the small stick with three fingers the way you hold a pencil in your hand when writing. And this is supposed to document a beating scene, where “small children were brutally beaten with sticks,” as the questionable journalist Jan Kandzora wrote on January 14th, 2015 in the Rieser Nachrichten. And the sentence pronounced for this is almost the same as for the speeding offender who killed 3 people and truly injured one child badly – is Justitia2 really this blind?

Defend yourselves with all means against this injustice! Because when injustice becomes justice, then resistance becomes a duty.

On your part, file complaints

– against the Jugendamt on account of deprivation of personal freedom of your children,

– against the District Administration and the county chief as supervisor on account of deprivation of personal freedom and perversion of justice,

– against the prosecuting attorney on account of persecution of innocent people and delayed proceedings,

– and demand a sizeable sum in compensation for personal suffering for yourselves and for your displaced children.

Even if these complaints should be suspended in the end, it is a possibility to defend yourselves and to publicly point out the authorities’ arbitrariness. Make the injustice that is being done to you and your children known in a media-effective way. The newspapers need something to report on every day. You should take advantage of this.

Why don’t you symbolically chain yourselves to the town hall stairs in Nördlingen to demonstrate that the time of the witch trials is not over yet?

I wish you much strength and endurance in your efforts for justice for you and your children.

Original Letter

German Justice Trampled 1German Law Trampled Underfoot 2


  1. For one translated account of these dual tragedies, and the amazing judicial response, see the post, “An Interesting Article.”
  2. The Roman goddess of justice; i.e., an allegorical personification of the moral force in judicial systems.