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Wolf and the LambThe Wolf and the Lamb

A lamb quenched his thirst in a clear brook. It was caught by a hungry wolf. “How dare you, he shouted angrily, “tarnish my drinking water? For this impertinence you need to be punished! ”

“Oh, my lord,” replied the Lamb, “do not do evil to me. please. I drink even twenty steps below you. Therefore, I can not tarnish the water.”

“You do it yet,” said the cruel wolf. “And besides, I know that thou spoke ill of me last year.”

“What should I have done, then?” replied the Lamb, “I was not even been born then.”

“If you did not do it, then your brother did!”

“I have no brother.”

“Then it was just any other of your family. You did it ever always after me, you, your shepherds, and your dogs. But I must have my revenge.” With these words, the wolf grabbed the lamb, dragged it into the woods and ate it up easily.

La Fontaine

It is becoming more and more evident as time goes on that the children of the Twelve Tribes in Germany were taken away because of the beliefs of the parents. It has nothing to do with specific evidence of abuse or endangerment to the individual children. That question was answered on the day of the infamous raid on September 5, 2013, by the state appointed doctors who examined all the children. In those examinations, they found no signs of physical or psychological abuse on any of the children.

Zwolf Stamme GesundheitsamtTranslation (of the words, “Es wurden…unserer Zeitung.”)

No abnormalities were found in the children, nor psychological ones, said (County Chief) Rößle, on answer to the question of our paper.”

They came to the same conclusion a year before when all the children were examined for signs of abuse by a different state appointed doctor. The same conclusion was reached for seven years prior to the raid by the school psychologist and the head of the Jugendamt, Alfred Kanth. For seven years these officials visited our school frequently and issued glowing reports about their well-being. All of this information is well documented and was made known to the court from the very beginning. Somehow it never occurred to these officials that all the time these glowing reports were being issued and the doctors report from 2012 was clearly stated, these same children were being spanked lovingly by their parents.

The standard for harm in a democratic society is evidence of harm on specific children. But this is clearly not the standard followed by the Family Courts and the Jugendamt in this part of Germany because no harm was ever found on our children. Not on the day of the Raid and not on any other day. No harm at all until the day of the Raid. Then harm was done to them.

The issue with the Bavarian officials is the fact that the parents spank their children according to the loving way described in the Bible, both Old and New Testaments. State officials don’t like the beliefs of the parents. A prosecutor from Donauworth recently stated in a filing in criminal court against one of the parents, “This parent actually raised her son in her beliefs.” So, now it becomes clear that the state prosecutor wants to criminalize this parent’s beliefs.

The state of Bavaria stole these children by traumatically tearing them away from their parents, ignored the evidence clearly put before them that day, made a public statement that the real harm is the existence of a parallel society that they term a “sub-culture.”

2013.09.05 Article-beyschlag

Translation (“In diesem Fall…vorenthalten werden.”)

In this case, the damage goes far beyond the mistreatment: One must also remember that the children are completely cut off from the normal life of our society and they are deprived of many opportunities.”

(Quoting Court Director Helmut Beyschlag in Augsburger Allgemeine on 5 September 2013, see http://www.augsburger-allgemeine.de/noerdlingen/Sieben-neue-Zeugen-bringen-die-zwoelf-Staemme-ins-Wanken-id26878631.html )

Post Word War II Germany promotes itself as being a pluralistic, constitutional republic. Pluralism promotes a free market of ideas and beliefs. These ideas and beliefs are protected under a legitimate constitution. If these ideas and beliefs produce positive results this is how that country advances.

Spiegel Article


[Caption] “Good Klosterzimmern near Deiningen: Here lives the religious community, the Twelve Tribes.

[Under caption] “The school of the community of faith, the Twelve Tribes in Bavaria, probably stands on the brink: The Original Christians have problems finding qualified teachers. Furthermore drop-outs…

[Text] “…Every four to six weeks employees of the Youth Office visit at the farm. We see there happy, well-behaved children who cling to their parents,” says Kanth. “We have no recourse to take them from their families.”1

But Germany has a law against spanking. But the evidence in the children of the Twelve Tribes does not uphold the theory behind their law. That’s why the state now goes behind the glaring evidence of no harm to the children and wants to force psychological examinations on these traumatized children who have been subjected to indoctrination against their parents’ beliefs and lifestyle for 20 long months, when these children loved the life the had with their parents before the raid. The purpose of these psychological evaluations is to now use the children as pieces of evidence against their parents and to exploit their vulnerability to produce “evidence” to justify the state’s ill-fated raid on this religious community.

Ohevi DaughtersThis is a systematic plan to destroy the Twelve Tribes. It is a very effective form of genocide2 to take away the children of a whole community; a real, viable, alternative culture that produced happy, secure, educated exemplary children.

We hope that the German people would wake up to what is actually happening here in their midst and speak up against this atrocity. Germany needs tremendous reforms to their judicial system and legislative checks and balances on the “all powerful” Jugendamt. There is deep corruption in the way this system operates. It is so clear to anyone who knows the true freedom allowed in a real constitutional republic. Our Twelve Tribes live with respect in 10 other countries around the world. It is only Germany that allows it’s agents to take children away from parents when there is no proof of endangerment.

It is only Germany that prosecutes people according to their beliefs and not evidence of harm. There is no protection for anyone in Germany who wants to adapt a viable alternative way of living that is outside the mainstream. Everyone knows that in Germany, if you step out of line, the government will come and take you away or take your children away. Germany’s history, which they want so desperately to escape, is just a reminder of what must be radically changed in the heart of the German people if they are to truly prosper from the heart.

Lidice Memorial Denkmal der KinderMemorial to the children of Lidice

Wikimedia Commons – http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Lidice_2001_denkmal_der_kinder_von_lidice.jpg#/media/File:Lidice_2001_denkmal_der_kinder_von_lidice.jpg

For what our children saw about Lidice, see the post, “What our Children Think of Lidice.”



  1. Screenshot of http://www.spiegel.de/schulspiegel/zuechtigung-und-lehrermangel-schule-der-zwoelf-staemme-droht-aus-a-895160.html.
  2. Genocide is here used because one of its definitions, according to the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, Article 2, genocide is to “d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;” and “e) forcibly transferring children of the group to another group,” thereby, with regards to the Twelve Tribes in Germany, accomplishing “c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;” not to mention the second part of “b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;”.