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On January 28 we posted “An Interesting Comment” about the lack of justice a German saw in regards to the two women discussed in this post. This comment was not by a member of the Twelve Tribes. Really, with decisions like these, 1984 is not so far away.

Belatedly, here is a more personal account of what happened, and the nature of the assault on justice and language being carried out by the courts of Germany. One assault requires and mandates the other.

Dawid and Nogah

Dawid and Nogah

“On January 20, 2015. our two courageous sisters, Miriam, the mother of sparkling Noah, and Nogah, the wife of Dawid and mother of three sweet children ages 9-4, were tried in the criminal court of Nordlingen for spanking their children with a rod, seen on the videos that were taken illegally. That was the only evidence they had.

“The courtroom was full of our supporters; it was amazing! 27 spectators plus the press were all eyes on the judge and the videos.

At first Judge Schaman gave us more hope. He smiled, seemed friendly and said reassuringly “I am not here to judge the Twelve Tribes!”

“Refreshing”, I thought, so different from all the other judges so far!”

“The law in Germany says that an illegal video cannot be used unless it is relevant to a serious crime, like murder, for instance…or aggravated assault.

So…the judge found these two mothers spanking their children was aggravated assault! (so he could “legally” use the video!)

Since there was no injury to prove aggravation,

the prosecutor called the rod “a dangerous tool” allowing it to be considered aggravated assault.

“The press was present and the judge had them come to the front of the courtroom so they could see very well. He also turned up the volume all the way to distort the sounds of the discipline. Then as the judge again proclaimed with a smile, “I am not here to judge the child-rearing methods of the Twelve Tribes,” that is exactly what he did!

He sentenced Miriam and Nogah to six and nine months in jail or probation for three years and many hours of public service work. We are appealing this decision, but the state is also appealing for higher sentences! The battle is for real. The press coverage, however, indicated to us that at least a few reporters are waking up a bit and seeing the larger picture of what is happening. Without any evidence whatsoever of child abuse, the state requires these criminal convictions to justify keeping the children.

Aggravated Assault

Here are the victims on September 5, 2013! Yes, the very victims of the terrible crime of “aggravated assault” with the “dangerous tool” of a thin, flexible, reed-like rod!


September 5, 2013, Klosterzimmern, Bavaria: Hoshiah (age 9) facing us, Tsebiah (age 6), and Nehemiah Shelem (age 3). Their parents are Nogah and Dawid.

They seem rather unhappy and apprehensive about their rescue!


A happier day at Klosterzimmern, before the Raid. Tsebiah (age 6), Hoshiah (age 9)

The above children are victims of aggravated assault?


Learning about horses, gently.

Here are the same children.


With their grandfather.

To call these children victims of aggravated assault is to turn those words, “aggravated” and “assault” on their heads. To convict their mother of the crime of aggravated assault is to turn justice upside down, too.

Assaults on justice, on its very fabric and meaning, of necessity require assaults on language, too. In so many words, right must be called wrong and good must be called evil. As the prophet Isaiah said so memorably thousands of years ago, prophesying of this time, sweet must be called bitter. Read Isaiah 5:20-23 and see.

In pungent words, the following article described the significance of what happened that day:

“What do the two sentences have in common?

  • Bavarian Justice is honest and fair.”
  • On the moon grow apple trees.”

“They are both lies. Two mothers of the faith “Twelve Tribes” have now been sentenced to probation in Nördlingen so-called district court. The only evidence against the two were video recordings — sensational gutter journalism — which were created in secret and fraudulently served.”