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“I have to carry the desire in my heart to live in peace, in brotherhood, caring and meaning. I want my children to grow up in a home where moral values ​​exist. I want to educate them according to the principles of good and evil, which every child who was ever born has, put into them by the Creator. We all have a conscience that tells us what is right and wrong, and if you suppress that little voice inside yourself, then you feel guilty.

Guilt is our friend, because it teaches us to do good instead of evil. Each person makes decisions every day in his life, both men and women are responsible for those decisions. We will all die one day and for most people this will be the day when they ask themselves whether they have done the right thing. Or they feel so guilty that they are afraid of what comes after death.

It is the inescapable feeling that leaves everyone knowing that there is eternity, and that we do not only live for the moment, and that the choices we make today will determine our eternal destiny.

It is not an easy thing to always make the right decisions, so I want to raise my children to learn preserve a good conscience. All parents are responsible for the choices that affect their children.