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This letter was forwarded to us by a concerned citizen:

Translation below.


A Scandalous Injustice

Dear Mrs. Roser,

Being a totally normal citizen of Germany, a woman as old as 84, and a mother of six children, I would like to again refer you to the fact that you and your helpers have caused a scandalous injustice.

Unfortunately, you have not replied to my letter of 2nd September, 2014, and I seriously wonder why I did not receive a reply. Yes, you did not prevent a scandalous injustice from happening, even though you would have been in a place to do so.

Thus you knowingly went against your conscience when you bereaved the parents of the Twelve Tribes of their children and when you had some of the smaller children torn from them with force. The parents and children have found their home with the Twelve Tribes, and it was and is irresponsible to invade them to bring destruction upon happy and peaceful families.

I am asking myself again how you are able to reconcile this undeniable fact with your conscience…

The children of parents living in the Twelve Tribes should be returned to their parents in the fastest, most direct way, ideally now as you are holding this letter in your hands.

Whatever happened to justice? In a state under the rule of law such as Germany! Or else, is our country ultimately not a state under the rule of law any more? Has it developed into an unjust nation where good gets punished, and where evil is excused and defended? All these questions come to me after I personally came to know the Community of the Twelve Tribes very well as you can gather from my letter of 2nd September, 2014.

Being a sorely afflicted and experienced, yet very positive woman, I can assure you that the Father of us all in heaven will not let any injustice go unpunished. He is the ultimate authority and the truly Righteous One.

I want to encourage you to pause and listen to the small voice of your conscience. Or is it already being drowned out by many loud voices and thus cannot be noticed any more? Unfortunately, this is no longer a rare occurrence in this perverted world and age, but has already become commonplace.

Surely, it will cost you something to face the truth, for injustice has been happening for far too long, to my knowledge beginning as early as September 5th, 2013.

A compensation in the form of monetary indemnity for damages and a personal apology to the Twelve Tribes for this illegitimate and highly inhumane violent action are the least you can do at this advanced stage, before it is too late and the systematic destruction is further allowed to run its course.

Best regards,

G. Z.